Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gratitude Aug11, 2016

Thank you Lord for Gilbert. My dad called him “monkey dog”.  I’m often calling him ‘funny bunny’.  He’s a joy to know. So much enthusiasm.  Such love and concern.  This morning I awoke with him watching me, waiting for my eyes to open.  Then he was on me licking my chin.  Now he’s lying up against me waiting for me to begin his next adventure.  My side kick. The bar is really low on his adventure ideas.  Just going outside is dog joy.  So much shit to sniff.
Thank you Lord for family and friends. Heal my brother’s cancer.  Comfort and strengthen him.  Be with my sister in law, nephews and in laws.  Be with my god children and their family too Lord. Thank you for these relationships and connections, these safe harbours and lighthouses in a storm. Help them in all their adventures and struggles. Be with them.
Thank you Lord for my friends. Help them in their times of adversity.  Help my friends who are struggling with cancer and those struggling with loss.  Be with us all closer in grief.  Thank you Lord for this life. Thank you Lord for these joinings and moments of understanding, the ‘aha’ moments with friends.
Thank you Lord for work. Help my patients Lord. Strengthen them and heal them in their ‘dis-ease’.  Be with them in all their struggles and go with them in all their dark nights of the soul. Be the light that shines on all.
Thank you for the sun light Lord. Thank you for the rain that heals as well. Thank you for the night that makes the dawn so sweet.  I love this summer Lord.  The winter and spring were so full of sickness.  Let the memory of my constant coughing and the flus of spring and the sickness of what seemed like all my patients leave me.  Those suicidal ones who bodies wracked with the weeks headaches and coughs and loss of energy.  Thank you for this summer and the energy that comes comes with summer here in the north where summer revitalizes.
Thank you for IDAA and my friends there. Thank you for my friends here who celebrate the lightness of being in the freedom from bondage.

Thank you Lord for this day.

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