Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beautiful day and shitty problem

“It’s a beautiful morning,” he said. I was walking my little black and white cockapoo, Gilbert around the trailer park. He’d just had his morning constitutional and I was carrying his contribution to posterity.
“It sure is. I love the clear blue sky, I said, looking up.
“It’s almost like the dessert.  I never thought I’d like the dessert but I love the air there.  The mornings are like this. “ I appreciated what he meant. Though Vancouver was in a rain forest by the coast this day had begun dry and crisp. We’d had the hottest temperatures for a couple of days with everything dried out.
I walked on to deposit Gilbert’s plastic bag dumpster donation.
It’s a beautiful day.
I’m grateful for my health. I’m walking without pain. I have clothing. I have this terrific little dog. We had a great night sleep. I have this terrific sleep apnea machine which really results in deeper less disrupted sleep when I use it. I have a temporary solution to my toilet problem and am slowly working on a longer term solution. I am grateful for the bed and my home.  I enjoyed my motorcycle ride yesterday and am grateful for the training and skill and the motorcycle.  I loved the Blenz cold coffee Frappe I had. It was good to be able to spend money on a little luxury like that without a cancern. I am I thankful for my work and income as it allows me to help others and travel to be where I need to be for family. I like that I have such a wealth of training and experience that I can use it for good.
I am thinking of the future though looking forward to having the resources to sail again , this time in islands and later to the Caribbean and across the Atlantic. I dream of a drive to Alaska and I look forward to travelling across Northern Canada. I want to do more motorcycle road trips too. I’ve so many ‘dreams’ which I’m so thankful for.
Gilbert just barked up a storm.  The valve on my septic tank outlet is broken and sewage has leaked twice.  It’s been pumped 2/3’s dry but there seems to be no way that the new valve can be placed in without the risk of more spillage.
“The woman was crying when it leaked,” the manager said.  “We’ve got one or two a summer but it’s usually our septic system."
“I was on the internet and it seems to be a rather significant problem because there’s no really good way to suction out the tank if the valve breaks with it closed.”   I ‘d been watching various you tube presentations and seen that the actual valve isn’t complicated but that when it was time to change if it broke closed there was this problem of a flush of fluids before the valve could be replaced.
The pump companies didn’t have a means of pumping out through the toilet because their hoses were 2 and 1/2 inches at the smallest. I figure this is an ‘engineering problem that could have been solved with a double valve system especially in these ‘ecological’ and ‘sanitized times’.
“When it happens people just let it dump then hose it down. That’s how everyone has been doing it.”  A plumber explained to me.  This would probably work in winter but in these incredibly hot days we’ve had this summer that’s just not a solution for the neighbours.  Right now the temporary solution has me covered for a few weeks but I may have to remove the whole tank and take it into the manufacturer and let him solve the valve issues.  It’s about a 35 gallon waste holding area before the connection to the municipal system and it’s accessible so could be removed but no one is willing to do this in the heat.
I confess I’m quite interested in this ‘shitty’ problem and am learning about that ‘delays’ are common throughout the world. Just like my inability to get the crawfish in New Orleans because it was ‘out of season’.  Too much tv with it all the ‘instant gratification’ and magical solutions.  I’ve had this toilet problem now for several weeks with several people grappling with it and no one yet having a solution.
Today I’m cleaning away everything that would prevent the removal.
It’s a blessing to have the heat and sunshine. I am thankful for that even if it does interfere in my getting  my septic system fixed. It’s kind of a ‘funny’ problem too, shitty but funny. Something about waste has an element of amusement attached to it.  I am powerless now and will pray for an answer while I work at preparing for the worst.

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