Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yamaha Kodiac 450 ATV

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Gilbert’s new wheels!  The Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV is the most recommended ATV.  I’d had a Polaris 500 and it had more power than I needed for hunting.  Some said the 350 was the least they’d go for a Hunting ATV and the 450 got the greatest ratings all round.  My friends who have them say they’re the best and most fun, a lot to do with lighter weight and better engines than competitors.  I read the reviews and everyone thought it was best hunting machine.
The big Yamaha side by sides with roof, like an off road golf cart, certainly have their advantages but are too big for my truck bed.  Further I have a toy hauler and in summer want to carry my Harley and a quad in the garage.  This is perfect dimensions for 2 vehicle garages whereas the 550 Yamaha is bigger.
Patrick, a fellow hunter, and off road quad enthusiast, was my salesperson at Daytona Motorsports on King George in Surrey. He helped me with outfitting. Daytona Motorsports also have another store on East Hastings in Vancouver.  Warren was great too. Indeed, all the staff at Daytona  were great.
Gilbert is getting his passenger seat back.  He’ll be harnessed in when we’re travelling and easily unsnapped when we get off the quad for game. I’ve a winch and extra jerry can basket, heated guarded hand grips, gps iPhone holder, chainsaw carrier and a handle bar gun rack as well as well as full scabbard mount.  I had a mirror mounted so I could look back on Gilbert.  I also got the mount installed for the snow plow.  I think it's a feature that sells better in Eastern Canada, especially Winnipeg and Ottawa.
The new feature I really think I’m going to like is the detachable ‘stealth’ exhaust.  It quiets the engine for hunting but can be unbolted for summer fun quad riding.  As for colour, I decided on the green rather than the cammo.
Bear hunting season opens next month so now I’ve a quad and a good excuse to ride around in the backwoods with a camera, a rifle and my best pal, Gilbert.

Kodiak 450 :
Length 1,991mm (78.4'')
Width 1,093mm (43.0'')
Height 1,120mm (44.1'')
Wheelbase 1,233mm (48.5'')
Ground Clearance 275mm (10.8'')
Seat Height 850mm (33.5'')
Wet Weight 286 kg (631 lb) - ready to ride full of fuel and oil
Fuel Capacity 15 liters
Towing Capacity 500 kg (1,100 lb)
Color(s) Dark Blue
Realtree® AP HD™ Camouflage
Warranty One year (unlimited mileage)

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