Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend work and fun

I spent Saturday completing study for Suboxone and passing the tests to allow me to prescribe this. I’d done this before but exam didn’t support mac so I took a while getting back to it. Glad to have done it.
Did most of a medical legal report too. Lots of work. Didn’t Finish Friday till after 6 and then a good 12 hours on Saturday.  That’s after a 6 day 9 hour a day work week. All for good causes.
I loved the hockey last week too.  I am working out more too, getting more exercise, thanks to Derek.
I enjoyed Church today too, actually arriving almost on time for a change.  Enjoyed the Canon’s sermon on Lent.  Gilbert was a great companion. I loved talking to AJ and Kevin at Church.  Their kids are terrific.  They gave Gilbert a Outward Hound life jacket he really likes. He’d been wearing Stuart’s old one which Stuart wore crossing the Pacific. It was too big for Gilbert whereas this is perfect fit. He looks so good.
We did some shopping at the Bay today.  I got a pair of loafers at their sale.  More light weight sweats too.  I love to change into something when I get home from work and the Bay had these really great light weight sweats which should do the trick. I’ve been meaning on fixing my bike but once I’m down to underwear I’m loathe to go out again. The daylight is making the evening a possible time for more walking and more work on outdoor things.  Hence, appropriate attire.
Gilbert and I drove over to the boat.  All day I had the top down on the Miata so didn’t mind the traffic jam getting on to the bridge because some guys car died.  At the boat I found the battery dead in the little run about so got a new one at Canadian Tire.  I spent a while looking for the other one I had till I remembered it was on the charger in Burnaby.
We took a run about Coal Harbour enjoying the sun and water.  Some guys were coming in from fishing so I figure I’ll have to get my licenses updated and maybe I ‘ll get out catching fish too.  The wind is chilly on the water but I was dressed for it in my Mustang Floater Jacket. I put some surf scoters to flight.  Gilbert liked that.
My new Kodiac 450 ATV is ready this week. That means I could get out Harrison way for some test driving before the bear hunt planned later in April.  I sure am looking forward to riding around the backwoods.
Now tonight I’ve enjoyed Matt Damon in Elysium.  I sure would like one of those heal everything re atomizing beds in our clinic.  The future is bright.  Everyone has hope for science but there’s much less faith in politics.  I hope both will progress.
It’s been a full weekend. Nothing spectacular but a privilege and a blessing .
I’m reading Karen Armstrong’s The Great Transformation. I like reading about God and I like reading about history.  I also enjoyed running down the Mediterranean causes for the 1200 BC coastal catastrophes.  Probably volcanoes and drought set off mass movement of people and increased warfare with failure of the chariot against the masses.  I remember reading about the demise of Crete when I was there.
I ordered pizza, meatlovers, from Canadian Pizza last night. It’s given me two days of enjoyment.
So that’s the weekend.  Busy week ahead.  Lots happening on the writing front with books in progress.  Spring is really pretty with the cherry blossoms budding.
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