Saturday, March 29, 2014

Conquering Addictions Together Conference Coquitlam 2014

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The Northside Four Square Church, 1460 Lansdowne Coquitlam was a beautiful venue for this very important conference.  The organizers were lovely people, the surroundings immaculate with fine audio visual.  The food provided was delicious.
Renewing the Mind, Conquering Addictions Together  conference,  Bringing the Christian Community Together was a great success. I so enjoyed Keynote Speaker, Dr. Marv Penner.  I also had the privilege to speak again with Dr. Paul Early, Medical Director of Talbott Recovery Campus.  It was also good for me to meet the Helmut Boem, Wagner Hills Farms Treatment Centre  I enjoyed hooking  up too with Winnipeg minister, Dr. Scott Miller.
I was there with Dr. Philip Ney who invited me to join him in his presentation on Abortion and Addiction.  Abortion increases addiction and addiction increases abortion.   Dr. Ney has the powerful international scientifically based Hope Alive Program for counsellors who wish to help more with those who have suffered from abortion.
In addition he has HURTS outreach sailing program for addicted teens and their parents.   Being a solo sailor with a 40 foot sailboat,  I love his impressive two masted sturdy sailboat that sleeps 22.   Both programs  have been highly successful helping Christians with recovery from all manner of trauma.  Dr. Ney is a truly amazing and accomplished psychiatrist and psychologist as well as a gifted Christian leader.

ps. I was sorry I'd missed hearing Dr. Frank Anderson on Saturday. When  I drove Dr. Ney back to the ferry that day he spoke so highly of him as a friend and speaker.  Hopefully one day I'll have the honour of meeting this doctor who has contributed so much.
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The CAT conference had many more presenters but these three alon
e speak to the international acclaim of the individuals who were presenting. It’s definitely a must attend conference for anyone working in addiction, not just Christians, though as a spiritual person I so appreciated the person centered focus.  I enjoyed meeting the folk from Union Gospel knowing what miracles they are part of in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
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