Friday, March 21, 2014

For Sinners Only - Quiet Time

AJ Russell writes in "For Sinners Only" the Book of the Oxford Groups,  that the members of the Oxford Groups "were guided during Quiet time and throughout the day in the following ways:
Through the Holy Spirit in attentive prayer by means of:
    The Scriptures
    The Conscience
    The Luminous Thoughts
    Cultivating the Mind of Christ
Through reading the Bible and prayer
Through circumstances
Through reason
Through the Church, Group, or Fellowship.
The conditions for effective guidance were the whole hearted giving of oneself to Jesus Christ. The tests are:
 Does it go counter to the highest standards of belief that we posses?
 Does it contradict the revelations which Christ has already made in or through the Bible?
 Is it absolutely honest, pure, unselfish, loving?
 Does it conflict with our real duties and responsibilities to others?
 If still uncertain, wait and continue in prayer, and consult a trustworthy friend who believes in guidance of the Holy Spirit."

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