Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leading Motion

I had my first session with Derek Baker of Leading Motion fitness.  He had ideas of having me roll around on the offfice. He had fitness gear and was really keen to see me accomplish my goal of pushing back the fat.
 I've been sliding. Sloth and gluttony have taken their toll this winter.  I've used the excuse of  my injuries to take my self pity weekly to my favourite East Vancouver Bakery.
Then my staff have been very good at walking Gilbert, my cockapoo, who despite his best efforts has had limitted effect on my tendency to return home, lie on the couch, and watch tv rather than going for walks with him in the dark and rain of winter.
Derek has worked in physiotherapy for years and has motivational training and personal trainer credentialing.  He came highly recommended.
My first day was amazing if only for his walking Gilbert and I all over the hills of the nearby Coal Harbour coast at a clip faster than Gilbert and I might go.  He monitored my heart rate, complemented me on my 'power' but said my 'cardio' was a little slack.  For a slackard I wasn't surprised. 
At the end of the hour because of the advice he gave me I was pain free, limber, my back and armpits soaked in sweat and generally thinking and feeling brighter. I realized I'd not 'worked up a sweat' except out hunting in the fall a bit, because post injury I'd been timid about putting out the effort and rather than working through the initial joint soreneess had been coddling myself. 
With Derek's help I saw this and have set a higher level of exercise potential.  I realized too that I'd used to climb the stairs at the office but haven't in months.
So much of the process was psychological and the 'buddy system' at this level was worth its weight in gold for my learning and insight despite all my medical and athletic training. I couldn't see what I was doing myself and was thankful for Derek's kind observations and gentle direction. 
I"m actually looking forward to future sessions and have renewed hope that before long I'll be at least back to the pant size I was in November, and hopefully another couple of inches more and I'll be able to wear those almost unused new pants I got in a moment of radical optimism a year or two back. 
This all can only help my heart and joints so fashion aside I'm very thankful for the investment I've made in health and wellness.  I'm actually taking the advice I so often give and really it's fun and enjoyable.

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