Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ranier Provisions, Vancouver

Ranier Provisions, 2 West Cordova, Downtown East Side Vancouver.  This is the most pleasant restaurant I’ve been in for a while.  Very down to earth and simple with great food.  Inexpensive.
There was also a delightful pianist playing upbeat music, not too loud, just right in fact.
The servers were attentive but not intrusive. Everything was clean and pleasant.  Pleasant is the word I keep coming back to.  I really enjoyed my nutritious delicious meatball sandwich lunch, really. Coffee was strong and aromatic.
And quick. I confess, I’m usually in a hurry and worry about the sit down restaurant as opposed to the fast food joint. This place was quick but had that no hurry  feel  you don't get in fast food.
They sell stuff too, which is the ‘provisions’ part of their sign.  Another time I'll check out all the good foodstuff they had for sale on the wall. Made me think of a 19th century ‘provisions’ .  Well done, Rainier!

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