Monday, March 31, 2014

Bungalow Motel, Harrison Lake

I love the Bungalow Motels at Harrison Lake.  I’ve been coming here since the 90’s.  Amazing to think of staying year after year at the Bungalow Motel for almost a quarter of a century.
Andresis and Sue were particularly delightful this time.
Each cabin is unique. Very quaint and very rustic with all modern amenities, cable tv, wifi, etc.  I feel so much more at the lake though.  It’s more like going to “the cottage”.
Harrison’s is great for hiking, cycling, fishing, restaurants,  hunting and the famous healing hot springs.
This is the first time I came up just for 4x4 ing.  The East Harrison Main leads up to Slockum and Bear.  Lots of trails off the main.
I had the new Yamaha Kodiac 450 ATV from Daytona Motorsports. After a wet tiring exhilarating muddy day I was glad to get back to the Bungalow.  Gilbert loves the Bungalow.
I enjoyed talking with Andreisis about his hunting and guiding business, Cascade Adventures.  He’s an extremely knowledgeable outdoorsman, delightful company and highly skilled.  I’d certainly figure him good company in the woods.  So much of a hunting trip is who you are with. Andreisis, with his wealth of life experience, in addition to his knowledge of the hunting, has a great sense humour as well.   He'd shown me  the wall of pictures from what were obviously some amazing hunts in the high country.  I left him making soup from scratch in his kitchen. The aroma was certainly inviting.

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