Monday, March 31, 2014

Yamaha Kodiac 450 4x4 ATV at Harrison Lake

I picked up my Yamaha Kodiac 450 4x4 ATV at Daytona Motorsports. It was loaded into the back of my Ford F350 truck.  Patrick and Warren had been extremely helpful, especially with planning and adding accessories. I loved the seat for Gilbert with a whole lot of storage space. The Worn winch is a must. I’ve got the hand warmers and thumb warmers, electricity outlet for charging gps,  iPhone and other electronics.  It has 2 wd, 4 wd and locked differential 4 wheel drive.  I love the rifle mounts and extra fuel tank mount and chain saw mount.
I loaded it at Daytona Motorsports, Surrey, BC on Saturday.  Then Sunday morning I was packed and headed to Harrison Hot Springs.  It’s only a couple of hours drive from Vancouver.  The weather report said the rain might let up for Monday.  I didn’t care. I wanted to test drive my new machine. Gilbert was game for an adventure.
I stopped at the Abbotsford Hub Sports for targets for target practice. I also bought some new waterproof cammo gear because the rain was worse than I’d thought. Already my waterproof coat was soaked.
In Harrisons I checked into the Bungalow Motel (Cascade Adventures). I’ve been staying here for over a quarter century.  I think it’s an amazing place.  Quaint and rustic with all the modern amenities.
Gilbert and I immediately headed out to the Deer Lake junction where the gravel road, East Harrison Main begins.  With some help from the guys they I got the truck aligned best and drove the steep first back up off the truck. It’s a moment of faith.  Then I loaded gear, getting the guns on the ATV, the cameras in the storage.  When I was done I figured I could go for a week.  Gilbert loved being in his high seat.
We headed out for fun and adventure.  It was terrific. The Yamaha is a real peach of a machine.  Great power and mobility.  Just loved everything about it.  East Harrison’s, even with the rain was a joy to be driving on.  Marvellous sights and waterfalls.  4x4 ing is so much better for looking around than on a 2 wheel bike.
We got out in nowhere, set up some targets, ate some snacks (Gilbert liked that part best), then I sighted in the 22 Ruger and the Mosby 30:30.  They were both firing well.  What a rush to be out in the wilderness on the side of the mountain with a dog and a rifle plunking at targets.  I love the Kodiac 4x4.
The sun came out too.  After a few hours of exploring I headed back to the truck, winched the ATV on. I must get a longer folding ramp.  What I have works. I used to find a place with there was more hill rather than loading straight from the flat.  Exciting.  I’m thankful the Kodiac is lighter for the power it has. I know I can manage it by myself.
 When I got back I left Gilbert in the room while I went for a hour soak at Harrison Hot Springs.  Luxury.  Gilbert and I had hamburgers for dinner and watch tv before turning in to a well earned fitful sleep.

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