Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Seafarer - play

The Seafarer, a brilliant play by Conor McPherson is performed at the Pacific Theatre ( Broadway at Hemlock. What a fabulous way to kick off the Celtic Festival celebration.  Director Anthony Ingram is to be celebrated for the remarkable timing and directing he has given to these actors  whose individuality and relationships make for the  best acting this city has seen.
Jim Dixon plays Ivan; John Innes, Mr. Lockhart; Andrew McNee as Nicky; John Tracy as Sharky; and Ron Reed, Richard.  Ostensibly it’s about the Irish home of blind Richard and his brother Sharky. There are definitely spirits on Christmas eve.   A card game ensues when the guests arrive.  There’s drinking and drama the likes that only the Irish can conceive.  It's divine comedy and devilish tragedy. The acting was that intense.   Conor McPherson’s writing is gifted indeed.
I would recommend it to all, especially any with a drop of celtic blood and certainly any who have tasted Irish Whiskey.    IMG 4885IMG 4887

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