Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rainy Sunday After Church

It was hard to get out to church. I awoke with a 'cold', stuffed nose, general malaise.  Despite my best efforts I knew I was going to be late and almost turned back at the car all covered in snow.  But I remembered Father Matthew's take on coming late to church.
'Its like a family dinner,' he said. 'We are always just glad you could make it."
I brushed off the snow and drove the slushy road to St. James Anglican, glad for the lack of traffic.  I heard Cat Stevens, Moon Shadow on the radio, and sang all the versus along with him. Gilbert was most excited about this and licked my ear to show he was in on things.
I caught the sermon, that Sunday 'lecture from the pulpit' that always brings back university days for me.  I so appreciate these learned women and men who take the time to compose an enlightening message on the Bible, history, people and our times.  This was just that.  I felt my mind raised from the secular to the transcendent, listening.
All around me were faces I recognised.  I enjoyed the Peace, shaking hands with those I knew and some I didn't. Gilbert especially loves visitting with everyone, his tail wagging so much in church. 
During announcements the new Bishop was announced. I'll miss Bishop Michael Ingham. He was good to me and Gilbert.  So many loved him and yet so many were angry with him.  That's par for the course. 
I liked the lunch after church.  It was announced and there was pizza. I love pizza in a group.  Brings back all the recollections of family and residency.  
It was good to talk with Kevin and AJ.  Theyre such good parents. AJ is a wonderful mom. All goes well I hope to get out hunting with Kevin. Hes trying to transfer his licenses from the maritimes here.
 I bought marmalade made by the church ladies though Ive still one pot of jam from the last sale. I was afraid to have it because then there would be none.  Now the stocks replenished I plan to open that jar tonight.  
Im at the boat now.  I`m enjoying the coziness.  I turned on another heater and got the propane going to the stove. Ive a lovely coffee. I bailed the hard bottomed zodiac. Ive had to do that several times over the winter despite having it covered.  Next year I think Ill store it on land.  This year its already near spring and I suspect another month or so an I could be spending more time on the boat.  This freak snow will pass with March.  I m often motorcycling in March but not this year.  By April Im using a motorcycle to go to the Mount Vernon Tulip Festival.
Gilbeerts run up and down the dock a half dozen times and now hes under the table with all his toys.  I have to get the key cut and then drop that off so the guys can fix the engine. Some seal gone because its burning a bit more oil than it should.  I like having the boat ready for offshore so while the engine is fine for coastal sailing Id hate to have something go wrong when I really depend on it especially
 for electricity.  Ive as sail to fix too, Theres some caulking that needs to be done and then its offshore read with a life raft inspection.  Not that I plan to go offshore. I think some island hopping would be just fine.  I would like to get more people out on it too.  When it serves as a man cave Im not too keen for company but I m feeling less a recluse these days.  Work often has me that way, withdrawn socially to balance the intensity of work.  
Im glad I cleaned the excess out of here.  Theres no room in my vehicular homes for all the extra I accumulate.  Id be a hoarder ashore but in boats and RV the space just limits you.  
I do like it here now that its not so cold.  My love hate with my boat continues.  Right now Im rather fond of it. I could use a real thorough cleaning. I think of when I worked less and took pleasure in oiling and polishing.  Now Im afraid to start any task for fear some beaurocratic emergency at work will have me tied up for a month and all I`ll be able to do is try to survive and not be distracted from helping people and saving lives.  I love to see all the success stories in my work.  So many have found sobriety, found the answer to their emotions, dealt with the limitations of past trauma, overcome the disadvantages and disability. I admire their steady progress upward.  
All the while I talk and seed motivational messages, encourage and celebrate.  In time the darkness lifts and life goes on.  I sometimes think Im just and individual cheer leader or that what I do daily is 
'sell life'.  The negativity, nihilism, hopelessness and pain are palpable.  I feel raw at the end of a session.  But then perfectionism is demanded and I fail daily.  It takes its toll. No resources, confusion of purpose or model in management.  Mixed messages always. 
Im thankful I have somewhere to go each day, thankful to pay taxes, thankful for Gilbert, thankful for my family and friends, thankful for my relative health (sniffle), thankful for my home, thankful for my vehicles, and thankful for my computer communication and the internet, thankful for my travel, thankful for my learning.  Im very grateful. Thank you Jesus.

At Canadian Tire they couldnt cut a key for me.  Same thing in the Loughheed Mall. Have to go to locksmith.  Bought another lock just in case.  Need spare. Walking about mall thought a lot of people must do this often. I dont.  I  prefer the outdoors. Gilbert glad to see me when I return to car.  Now were back home .  TV and sandwiches waiting.  Maybe Ill by pass the cold with rest.

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