Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just For Men Hair Color

I am testing Just For Men Hair Color today.  It says it’s fool proof so if any thing goes wrong I plan to sue the company because I think I’ve got friends who’d be glad to be character witnesses that I can truly be a fool.  

It’s really simple, that’s for sure.  No fuss, no muss. I just combed it on and now I’m waiting 10 minutes to wash it off. if I’m off a minute or two it says thats okay too. 

I had washed my hair and it says that I have to have dry hair.

Some friends, perhaps not so vain as I, use it and recommended it.

I noticed when I was putting it on that there was significantly more thinning hair at the top.  Perhaps Just for Men Hair Color will come out with a product one day like those the ladies use for eye lashes, a volumizer. I could use that. In fact there’s a patch where I could use that other thing I saw in the ‘beauty accesorizor department’ of London Drugs, called a ‘concealer’.

This stuff just  combed on real easy and the whole head is black  

Time to wash it off

Well that was easy with the hose attachment leaning over the tub. I needed the hose attachment. I don’t know if I could have done it in the sink without a whole lot of mess. All manner of black stuff.

Now that’s the right colour of my hair. 10 years younger looking.  Just have to get the face lift and liposuction to match.  

I don’t care if the old lady comment on viagra, was why put a new flag pole on a condemned building.

This condemned building has a new roof and I like it.   

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