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Troudeau Dynasty

I know that Justin Troudeau might not even get a seat as a backbencher if his name was Justin Smith.  He’s clearly running on the historic ‘royal blood’ ticket, ironically in a modern day democracy.  We saw this with George Bush, Junior. George Bush, Senior was a prodigious statesman and his son followed daddy in the family business.
I keep thinking of juniors, these days.  Pretty boys pampered by their dolting mothers.  Isaiah's long necked women and their boys. Chamberlains compared to Churchills.  Nice young men.  Well intentioned to a fault sometimes, though entitled and grossly out of touch with reality, in many ways.  I think of Arlo Guthrie and his old man.  Old man Guthrie influenced the whole of the american music scene whereas Arlo his son wrote  some fun music about smuggling dope into LA and getting caught dumping garbage.  I met Arlo with Pete Seegers once and thought he was a very bright, delightful, accomplished young man.  But he didn’t know the suffering that his old man had known. And it was clear that Pete Seegers had taken him under his wing.
The same goes for the burst of ‘promise’ that Bob Dylan’s son had when he put out that first beautiful album then sort of disappeared. Bob Dylan literally changed the lyric style of an era, making intelligent popular music an acceptable avenue of poetic expression at a time when popular music was mostly frills and romance.  We don’t hear much about the Dylan boy even though Bob keeps on shaking up the world with his depth of ideas and willingness to grapple with all the trials of modern living. Blood on the Saddle and Modern Times were making historic waves decades after, his protest era songs.  I don’t know that his son ‘grew up’ but he’s a good boy.  He made sweet music.  I remember all manner of lyrics from old man Bob but just recall the boy's music as 'nice'.
None of us were prepared for the break up of the Beatles.  Wasn’t everyone just supposed to ‘give peace a chance’. Yet they themselves couldn’t. Then the bubble was really busted with the assassinations of Lennon, King and finally the self inflicted death of Belushi.  Life was real.
The liberals, despite Pierre’s quickly running to the military to bring tanks into the city, never seemed to come to terms with law and order. They seemed to think that they could just talk, get paid for talking, and play the media game, not unlike Hitler who still remains the greatest political media star of all time.  Thankfully the liberals had inherited ’traditions’ of goodness very different of Germany. Their talk was aimed at acquisition of money and they tore down the military with neglect, all the while increasing police and court powers thereby destroying the protections and freedoms of individuals within the country.  We got ‘rights’ on paper, which we’d previously had in fact and lost dignity in the process.   The lawyers benefited and special interest groups but I'm not sure we, the people, did.
The attraction of old man Troudeau for me was his intellectualism.  As a young man I liked new ideas and didn’t understand the value of traditions or that most of what was sold as ‘new’ was just ‘recycled old’ and somewhere sometime these ‘new’ ideas had been proven wrong. New ideas do percolate out of the old but they’re never obvious, not like the dope smoke platitudes  the Troudeau era promised.
The baby boom was on and the fact that so many young people were at college and our parents and country had just gone through the most prosperous era of the 50’s and 60’s , we had the disposable wealth to go on collective walk a bouts, have sit ins and marches, not worrying about crops or careers. Some might say we squandered the hard gains of our parents who’d worked forever through depressions and fought for the country through wars only to have their children turn to smoke, sex and flowers.
We’d all come through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Liberals were promising peace on earth.  We had this idea of jobs for youth and money for creativity. There was ‘change’ but in retrospect it was the kind of change that we’ve seen with Obama.  Lots of drama.  Lots of excitement.  Red carnations.  And serious, very serious, patronage at the price of all.
I don’t like that the price Canada paid was the sell out of the country to Quebec and language laws that have punished every English speaking Canadian and every immigrant ever since.  Those who benefitted most from Troudeau have been Quebec born French Canadians and we learn today that Quebec is more and more infiltrated by the MOB than ever before known. Thanks to Troudeau all of Canada  has been saddled with a very expensive  relationship with a French low born woman who denies she is married, spends and behaves like a courtesan and always extorts all manner of money from Canada with a 30 year threat of ‘separation’.  Even Quebecers themselves grew tired of this hissy fit formula.  Troudeau despite his red carnation and divorce left Canada with a major debt and a very cold marriage bed.
Further the other group that benefitted from Troudeau’s era most were the political lawyers.  Canada was once known for it’s health care system but the profession of medicine has been ravaged by Troudeau’s lawyers along with the once famed engineers who literally built the country.  Lawyers themselves have suffered at the hand of the Troueau ‘political lawyers’ with their quick draw lawsuits ad infinitum and rights for the liberal special interest groups.  Collectively the gap between rich and poor can be dated from the era of Pierre and his love of intellectual communism and unwillingness to face the millions of murders by all the communist leaders of the last hundred years.
Ironically Layton and the NDP who really did represent the poor people of Canada were most aware of how Troudeau’s group had paved the way for the wealthy to be protected by shell companies and corporations and always lawyers making millions and millions to protect the status quo.  So there was Jack Layton fighting the detritus of Troudeau era liberals who promised ‘change’ and ended up protecting the status quo at all costs.  Today Mulcair and the NDP would demolish the senate, the Conservatives would at least require it be elected, but Troudeau wants the patronage status quo to remain, though he offers to change the names,(remember ADSCAM)  liberal party members in senate in future being called ‘independent’ despite being liberals.  Smoke and mirrors.
But at least Pierre had an ideology.  His son is just a babe surrounded by the corrupt Liberals who gave Canada, AdScam.  That was the multi million dollar ’sponsorship’ scandal in which advertisers and marketing men sold the Canadian people a ’new suit of clothes’, only to have a little boy say that the king was naked.  We got ‘advertisements’ for millions with nothing more than pretty pictures and words. Again we got smoke, more smoke and mirrors, all lacking any substance.That was when I stopped standing by the the Liberal Party and began to rethink my 25 year partisan relationship.  I wasn't alone, as the Liberal Party not long after almost slid off the political map, literally 'fired' by the collective Canadian people, baby boomers a whole lot older and more mature and no longer easily duped.  The flower children had long gone to seed.
Even though I admired Paul Marten’s business acumen I couldn’t accept that he wouldn’t have any of his ships registered in Canada because Canada under the liberals was essentially anti business, anti entrepreneurial and taxes were on everything for the sake of the privileged few.  To be rich Paul Marten’s fleet and it’s workers were kept offshore.
Turner was my kind of Canadian, a lovely man with a wonderful family.  Turner really loved this country and it’s wilderness and all the riches of it’s legacy and multiculturalism but he couldn’t compete with the entrenched Quebec Liberals.  He was from the west and the Liberals have never loved the west.  The gun laws were an attack on rural,northern and western Canada, taking 2 billion dollars mostly from Conservatives and NDP because that’s who the west, north and rural folk tend to vote for.  They need long rifles in their homes but the Liberals realized that they could get the eastern city ‘girl’ vote by more smoke and mirrors about outlawing guns so that 2 billion dollars in liberal patronage money could be doled out with slick advertising and massive lies only silly urban girls would buy. Thankfully those young women had grown up by the time Ignatieff tried the same old same old and they no longer bought the lies, if only because Canadian women were winning awards the world over for their extraordinary skills with long rifles. Who would have guessed?
The intellectuals of the Troudeau era were sweet boys promising to protect the girls from the rough bullies but in fact they had to call in the military when the intellectuals turned out to be the source of world terrorism.  Today the women of Canada having grown up could protect themselves so moved laterally into either the Conservatives or NDP party seeing that this was really where facts were greater than fiction.
My concern is that Justin Troudeau is today selling himself to the dope smoking teen agers.  Canada has the highest incidence of teenage dope smokers in the world. He’s spouting platitudes and playing as the pretty boy to the pretty girl groups.  The hard nosed old liberal ADSCAM and corrupt, possibly even MOB affiliated money men, are all betting on the ‘boy king’ especially with the help of the media and the promise that gave us Obama but no real substance.
I didn’t like the Dynasty television show.  it was the Kardasian girls of my day.  I’m afraid that other Canadians will be steam rolled by the Quebec based Liberal party and the rest of Canada will continue to pay for the red carnation that became the red maple leaf. I miss the blue in our flag. I would have had some yellow or brown even, rather than having our once trilateral flag which indeed represented the three parties, including ‘middle class’, being reduced now to the dichotomy of rich and poor, a two tone state.  I’d prefer even a flag debate than see Justin Troudeau get in with more smoke and mirrors.  I”m worried about dynasty just as men of old were when families consolidated power and we had tyrannies through history until finally democracy came and we embraced the idea that ‘real change’ was necessary for progress not just the change of media marketing scams and slick ad campaigns.
I’m fond of meritocracy.  Meritocracy serves the poor because it ensures that one ‘earns’ leadership rather than getting it gifted to them by their daddy and daddy’s friends.  There’s always a mix of this but Justin Troudeau is blatantly running on his father’s ticket just the same way George Bush, junior did and I really do have mixed feelings about George, junior, no matter how much I admire his mother.  Maggie, sweet as she is, isn’t at all the woman Mrs. Bush is.  I can't imagine how bad George Junior would have been without adult supervision.
I fear that's just what we have with Justin. He's desperately wanting to be like his daddy. He's a child of divorce and whereas Pierre wanted us to keep Quebec maybe Justin will cut Quebec lose. Stalin's wife killed herself and Maggie smoked dope to oblivion. There's a lot of family issues wanting a world stage to work themselves out on with a kid like Justin.  That was always the problem with 'royal blood'.  Even with dogs we know the 'pure breed's' carry a lot of disease, perform magnificently occasionally but are never collectively as hardy and robust as the mongrels.  Intelligence often skips a generation too.  Not that I'm thinking of George, Junior by any means.  I'm just wondering about Justin Troudeau and his puppet purpose for the Quebec money men.
So I’m concerned with all this dynasty business since I think Troudeau really only represents Quebec and the old Liberal money men while the Liberal tradition I loved , passed down from Pearson and such, has to date gone to the Red Tories or the Blue NDP.  If we accept Justin Troudeau’s capriciousness with naming things and believing in the deconstructionist , the name is everything,  the NDP are the Liberals today especially under Mulcair.  The Conservatives under Harper are the same conservatives that go all the way back to John A. MacDonald.
I don’t know who Justin is.  And frankly I don’t think he does either. His father, with his red carnation, was the premier flower child of Canada of the sixties but so far all Justin Troudeau is, is a Marijuana bud.  There's something seedy about all this.

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