Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is truth?

Truth has taken a very rough beating from the dope addicts and deconstructionists.  It's popular among a certain group of "flatkes"  to say. "My truth."
"Your"  truth and "my" truth refers to 'perception'. Changing the language doesn't make something other than what it is.  Unfortunately some people don't get out much.  Their approach to language in the safety of academia is clearly idiosyncratic at times.
Truth, traditionally, historically, and still for 99% of the world represents the 'agreed' 'perception' about a 'thing' or situation.  Just because you and your friends like to say "my' truth and 'your' truth, doesn't make it true.
In 'reality', see - outside the classroom and academia and the coffee shop, truth is an 'objective reality' not a 'subjective reality'.  My truth refers to 'subjective' reality.  Narcissists like the idea of 'my truth'.
When Queen Victoria said 'we are not amused', as Queen she spoke for the nation. Every petty tyrant and narcissist wants to be Queen.  Queen Victoria got that privilege by tradition and war.
What is subjective - is what 'you' or 'I' or even 'they' believe but what is 'objective' is what 'we' agree.
Increasingly with the 'culture of individualism' and the notion that 'perception is truth' every one narcissistically believes they are the centre of the universe but can't actually offer any evidence beyond their personal belief that they are indeed that 'special'.
Everyone is special, sunshine.

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klownow said...

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead

we are all creatures of our own imagination, but, like you, I find most of this "perception:' of " my truth" to be just a little disingenuous