Sunday, February 2, 2014

Candlemas, St. James Anglican Church

I was at church today and presented with a candle for Candleman.  40 days ago Jesus was born.  Today we celebrate Simeon and Anna recognizing him as their Lord when he was presented to the people and his Father.  

Before coming into the church I’d walked Gilbert outside where we saw the fist tulips.  I talked there with Father Mathew. I said how I was sorry I was so often late.  He said that while there were those who were particular about arriving at time generally he thought of it as a family dinner, when we were glad just to see everyone there.  I liked the idea of the family dinner. Father Mathew does the street ministry helping the old men and we talked of all the trauma they’d experienced, all the trauma that those with drug and alcohol abuse had experienced.

After church there was the first of the community lunches.  We sat in a circle. I was across from Celia and Elizabeth with Alice sitting beside me.  Celia was from Nottingham England but had come to Canada over fifty years ago.  Elizabeth and I talked of growing up Christian with the values our parents instilled in us.

Gilbert was so happy to be there. Other dogs about and food and people giving him little treats.  

I’d spoken with Kevin and learned he’d hunted in the east but is now reacquiring his licenses so he can hunt in BC.  AJ and he are having a child together.  I told him I usually hunted alone but was always looking for someone to hunt with. This spring I’m planning on bear hunting again.  Gilbert, my cockapoo, thinks of himself as a bear dog.

Father Mark was there at the lunch which had a lot of people. It seemed like there were more than had been in church.  The Chinese New Year parade, the Year of the Horse, was going on at this time and I felt sad to miss it. But having lunch with fellow parishioners felt so right. I liked this very much.  Reminded me of the after church fellowship I’d so enjoyed at St. John’s Anglican Sardis.  This inner city church had a country church feel to it.  Safe and warm and friendly.

Later Gilbert and I drove to Trev Deely.  I checked out the new motorcycles and concluded I liked my old Electraglide still the best. I had the roof down on the Mazda Miata.  Gilbert likes it best that way.  Felt pretty good cruising about the city this beautiful sunny day in February.   

Grace and Mercy

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