Sunday, February 2, 2014

Burnaby Lake and Brunette River walks with Gilbert

Last week in the sunshine I hiked around Burnaby Lake with Gilbert.   This week we walked along the Brunette River.  I take the camera. There’s always birds and pictures of Gilbert to capture.  There are always mallards but occasionally I see a common merganser, the red headed duck with red beak and white spot under it’s chin as well as the white breast.  It’s easy to mix it up with the canvasback or the redhead but they have black beaks and black breasts.  I used to be able to tell these in flight but I’m not sure how good I’d be separating the redhead and canvasback.  DSC 0847
Common Merganzer
DSC 0853DSC 0858
DSC 0859DSC 0860DSC 0863
There’s the damn with the fish ladder.
DSC 0864DSC 0870
Song Sparrow

DSC 0869DSC 0872DSC 0885

DSC 0886DSC 0887DSC 0893DSC 0896DSC 0897DSC 0898DSC 0904DSC 0909DSC 0924DSC 0927DSC 0933
Hooded Merganzer
DSC 0934DSC 0937DSC 0946DSC 0946DSC 0947DSC 0948DSC 0952
DSC 0959
DSC 0953
DSC 0963DSC 0966DSC 0968DSC 0969
Train Truck

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