Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scientist Gangs and Gangsters

I don’t remember so many gangs in science before.  What’s this trend of using numbers of scientists in agreement as ‘scientific evidence’.  I was trained that validity was something different.
Today I see ‘gangs’ of scientists like gangsters mobbing and insisting they’re right because there are more of us than you.  The sad part about this, is we all know, as the history of science shows, money works like this. Those with the most money are usually yesterdays’ news and they will do anything, including, gangsterism, to hold onto their positions of privilege long after the ‘validity’ of their position is past.
There have always been differing opinions in ‘true science’.  There have even been ‘schools of thought’.  Yet, the present gangsters and their gangs of groupthink scientists, often bolstered by a large number of nobodies, hangers on, and bootlicks, aren’t satisfied with this ‘diversity’. They want it all.
“There will be no other gods but mine,” they say.  This bullying gangsterism isn’t ‘science’.
Now, I’ve seen a group of artists rally to get artists out of jail.  But would artists like Mick Jaggers and McCartney say that Lead Zeppelin isn’t rock and roll.  So scientists sometimes ‘petition’ against political abuse of scientists.  But scientists don’t ‘petition’ to say what is valid or true in science, no matter how fashionably rich this behaviour may be.
What marketing groups do is gather a group of like minded individuals, pay them by wining and dining them at some very fine facility or resort, let them hob nob with academic wealth and literal wealth, then get them to sign a petition. How can you not sign a petition when your host asks you? How can you not sign a petition when your finances have a conflict of interest somewhere under all the righteous posturing.  Marketting agents buy journals and put groups of like minded individuals in these journals. In fact marketing agents buy heads of university departments and write their articles for them only requiring their signature.
This is not science. It’s marketing.  It’s sketchy and nefarious.  It stinks.  It's what Nazi eugenics was all about.    Money can do that, and increasingly true scientists are demanding that people with conflicts of interest, declare their ‘gang’ affiliations.
At least on the streets gangsters wear tattoos or colours.  Among scientists, though, we know who the bullies are and what the petitions are buying, especially when they’re not freeing scientists of the shackles of politics.  They were once called whores. but when whores get together in groups they usually get called 'houses'.  I always wonder who the pimps are?
Doesn't matter so much what you call a thing, when it isn't truth and it isn't science

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