Thursday, February 6, 2014

Insite's "Safer" Injection Site Promotes Hoffman Heroin Death

Heroin use is on the rise.  This is true especially among the young.
There is a new ‘attitude’ to heroin which is fast replacing the one that came from long experience.  Needles brought the western world widespread AIDS.  The most “unnatural” drug is the injectable drug where there is no ’safety’ known.  Injection is used in hospital, like surgery, with a cost benefit analysis, where the pros of lifesaving offset the negatives of injection.  The ‘pros’ of causing brain ’toxicity’ for pleasure simply don’t justify injection especially at the cost to society.
Promotion of heroin use that has come with the ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ of ’safer’ injection sites.  There’s a whole new ‘culture’ of ‘drug use’ which aims to make it as safe as ’snowboarding’.  Yet, somehow, those not on drugs, see the difference between ’safer snowboarding’ and ’safer heroin use’.  Drugs impair judgement and impaired judgement sees that Insite is a ’success’ because their small coterie of regulars who ‘mostly’ use Insite aren’t being included in the stats of those who are killed by the idea of 'safer' drugs.  These kids weren't raised on the Peacemissile promotions.  I"m sure the marketing agents todays lethal drug promotion got their spurs selling 'safer' weapons.
An addict I know immediately said, “What can a doctor or nurse do safer than me? I inject better than they do." and  “I’d rather have my friends watching my back if I overdose, than a some guy in a white coat.”.
Addicts will go to Heroin Central (Insite) to score.  New time users the world over know that's where to find Heroin in Vancouver. Fo have a change from the back alley, an addict, might go to Insite .  The dealers are protected from the police in that area.  Kids hear “safer” and think ‘yea, now I can inject drugs……they’re safer."
Cory Monteith is dead. Did Insite accept any accountability?  Now Hoffman is dead.   I haven't heard Insite doing their normal horse and buggy dance. What about all the nobody’s.
Why isn’t Insite reporting the only valid research, which is how many people who have injected in Insite have died since it’s opening onslaught. How many hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of years of life has their advertisement of safer heroin harmed?
The lie of their research is that they claim no one died on their premises. No one has died in my office in 30 years.  That’s not research.  That’s cover up.
Does the recovery community want this multimillion dollar palace to drug abuse to take money from real treatment.  Let the Heroin industry pay for it’s own drug pubs.
How many people have been killed by the idea of  Insite. How many more ‘famous’ people will have to die before Insite has OVERSIGHT. Their license is up for renewal.

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