Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Wandering

I’ve ‘used’ long weekends more ‘usefully’:taking trips, doing projects, you know, important stuff.
These last weekends, though,I’ve been kind of hibernating, Not actually doing much, but enjoying that.   Errands. A little tidying.  In town meandering.  A little shopping.  I got out to Langley to pick up some stuff I'd left over at the RV store, talked to the guys in parts about a ladder installation. Talked to some guys at Rack Attack about a trailer hitch.
I got to Church.  I atttended meetings.  I visitted a friend.
I’ve walked the dog, taken out the garbage, cooked meals for myself, gone for swims. I’ve been enjoying reading books.  A little reading, then a little napping.
I’ve watching too much tv.  A movie every night and usually some NCIS or the new Helix or Intelligence. I even caught a new Homeland and a new Walking Dead episode.
I've been reading a lot of Facebook too, following the fascinating links of friends.
If I was watching Sochi I could sound ‘in tune with the world’ but .....well.....I don’t tend to be that interested in ‘sports’ ,unless I’m actually playing them at the moment. Right now if they had a couch event in the Olympics, I’d  tune right in.
It kind of ruins my idea of myself as a ‘unique’ individual.  I’m mostly mundane.  My dog gives me street cred but overall I’m fairly ordinary.    I work all week, long hours, as is  typical of Vancouverites in the private sector.  We support the arrogant entitled white collar  civil service and their blue collar cronies, those on the take somehow, and city of corruption and drug criminals.  There's probably more under the table industry than above the table industry here in the wild west.  
I complain about paying exorbitant  taxes to people who consider working citizens the enemy and instead represent every wing bat special interest group with endless funds for all manner of shameful public tit sucking.  For every doctor there's a few dozen 'regulators' and 'monitors' and 'activists' and 'media personnel' and 'lawyers'. The same goes with anyone actually 'working'.  All these other groups weigh them down.  All my professional friends are overwhelmed by the demands of perfectionism from the most incompetent and corrupt in society.
Then I want a government job or corporate income with indexed pension and company car or gang affiliation and a block.
But really, I’m pretty satisfied.   When I have check my attitude  and get into a state of gratitude, I'm living in grace. This is heaven on earth, especially with a companion like Gilbert who gets me of the couch.
It’s warm and cozy in my home. The water is clean. I have working sewage and the garbage is taken  away from the nearby bins where I drop it.   My refrigerator is full and I have cans in the cupboards. There are stores nearby.
If the zombies came today I could get a good start on them.  I think one of the attractions of the zombies is that older people like me, with sore feet, and painful knees,  can envision keeping ahead of them. When we were younger we liked those fast alien monster  flicks, but now older and slower, we like the slower zombies. .  
I’ve been hankering for motorcycling.  That’s next month.   I could go hunting the month after that. The tulip festival is coming.  I could go fishing even now but I’m lazy.  Best fishing is wet and cold. It's wet and cold. But I like being inside right now.  
For a type A driven sort of person with myself as my major competitor, I’m not at all Sochi material today.
I swam and soaked in the hot tub then walked the dog for an hour.  Now I’ve been reading and napping a bit.  Seems like they go hand in hand on the couch.
I drove out to Langley Saturday on an errand.  Missed seeing Andria.  She and her husband claim to live there but I miss them every time I drop by.  Had a coffee and cookie on the street with Gilbert.
Sunday after church at St. James Anglican I visited George. He’s my jazz musician, poet friend who was on call and certainly earning his keep with multiple calls from the hospital while I was with him.  He just moved and needed assurance that there would be order from the chaos. Having just moved from the boat to the RV I was well equipped to reassure him that, yes, there is life after the disorder of a move. I'm actually no longer stumbling around boxes and my clothes are no longer in green garbage bags.  There's hope.
He’s got a spectacular view of English Bay.  I actually opened my blinds today just to get a feel for this ‘view thing’. I’ve green all around me and it’s lovely. Usually I like privacy,  thinking the neighbours are like the old lady in My Favourite Martian. They aren’t. I just think that.   I loved George’s balcony.  He's got eagles nesting nearby.
Swapping tales, it’s hard to believe I was the professional dancer in my early twenties while he was playing rock and roll bands.  We seem like a couple of respectable older gentlemen these days.  He’s got children and grandchildren he adores.  It's easy to forget.   It was good hanging put with him.  He’s got a great electric keyboard with all manner of sounds including sitar and helicopters.  Reminded me of teen age days with music and conversation.
After, I visited my boat. The power had been unplugged so I fixed that.  Bailed the little boat too. Walked Gilbert along the dog only park on the north shore.
Today I walked Gilbert in the rain along the Brunnette River.  Even the ducks looked especially wet.  He’s a wet dog now.  He did his job though.  Got me off the couch.  As a dog, he takes pride in his work.
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