Thursday, February 13, 2014

Canadian Authors Association - West Coast Branch - Open Mike Feb 2014

Open Mike night at the Canadian Authors Association was a great success.  President Margot Bates opened the night with announcements and news.  We have a new web page, 2014 Short Story Contest was launched as well.  

Poet, Jean Kay introduced each authors after reading one of her inspirational poems.  The readers in order were, Al Cool,Leanne Dyck, Patty Emry, Georgia Hunter, Carl Hunter, Anne Helps, Susila Bryant, P.W. Bridgman, Jaminie Hilton, Justin Burggraeve, Robert W. Mackay, Roxanne Davies, Joyce Goodwin, Seth McDonough,Sharan MacGougan, and Douglas Aitkens.

What a remarkable  range wordsmiths, some reading short stories, others poems, others excerpts from novels.  Laughter, applause, joy and even an occasional tear.  I sit beside these extraordinary imaginations and they seem such ordinary people.  It’s such fun to see the soul at play.   An incredible evening. I am so thankful to have been there.

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Jean Kay said...

Thanks for posting this Bill, and for taking the photos. It was a wonderful literary event. I was pleased to be host to such good readings.