Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Evening

I'm surprised by the weekend. It just sort of came and went with mostly housekeeping chores. I changed the pillow cases but not the sheets.  I'd get to the sheets but I've got stuff piled on the bed.  Gilbert probably needs a bath. I'm thinking about having him shower with me in the morning and taking him wet to work.  He had a heck of a good day running all over the dog trail with dozens of big dogs. Great seeing Joyce and what a synchronicity running into Peter on the trail after talking outside St. James to him.  Mysteries.
I got to church. Amazing that easter is just around the corner.  I'd not have realized how close it was except for being in church and reading the bulletins.  Sometimes the world seems to have a momentum of its own with days and months flying by when other times they just seem to poke along.  All in all time seems a bit faster now I'm older.
I did like church. Sermon about transfiguration was by Father Mathew and very captivating.  I like that it spoke to the afterlife.  I'm holding less hope in this life and know that hope in the after life is a sustaining fact.  Truth is my life today is so much better than it's been despite all the garbage I see on the outskirts. I'm pretty okay with just muddling along. I'm doing the best I can do with what I've got. What upsets me is my own negativity. I want to be joyous and free and it seems that more often than now I'm more own rate limiting step.
Thank you Jesus.
Life is pretty good but it's lonely.  It's lacking in clear meaning. I'm not sure what to do and find myself more and more wondering if I'm doing what I should be doing but then that's not a new thought .I just keep on trucking.  What I especially love is that spring is coming.  Today was a sunny day and I drove about with Gilbert and the top down on the sportscar.  I was thinking about motorcycling too.

I was at the Mac store getting a glych worked out of the computer. They're really helpful there.

I'm really pleased with my dive watch and computer. On Granville Island they change the battery so I've now got that back on line. They're going to service my bcd too. It's not been done in a couple of years. With that okay I'm going to get in the pool and check out my dry suit skills, then I've a hankering to so some cold water scuba diving. I've just thought it would be fun to go off white cliff again.
I really ought to be ready to for the boat. I've got a prop problem and if I was optimally ready I could have just jumped over the side. Next step is new air in my tanks too.  I just seem to get one system set up and another moves front and centre. I'm getting things further along each time.  Still looking for the new fast boat to go with the new motor I've had at the shop for months.  I expect to tow it and found one I like but the motor is too big for it so maybe I'll get a smaller motor in exchange for the bigger one.  I'm mull over these things and muddle through It's not like a how to pay the rent equation. Pretty blessed to think of it.
So it's a good sunday. I began with prayer.  Tonight I'm watching more episodes of Justified.  Cowboy detective.  I wish I could have a horse on my boat.  I certainly understand the 2 foot iitish that resulted in the air craft carriers.  I'm pretty happy with this space. it's all I need but I could have a floating barge to pull the rest of the stuff behind me.  I really ought to clean up again. Gilbert is s slob. It was only last month I had this place tidy and pristine Now I've lost the desk again.

Thank you Jeus.

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