Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frazer Valley Sunday

I stayed the night in Harrison Hot Springs at the Ramada.  In the morning having woken late, made coffee in my room, done some work on a report, blogged, answered emails and shaved, I went upstairs for an sauna.  There I chatted with a man about my age about his kids, Kelowna, aches and pains and the relative value of arthrotec versus celebrex.  We had our opinions.  We talked of weather and snowmobile and Winnipeg and Prince George too.  When I got back to the room I showed and dressed, packed up and departed.  Gilbert was delighted when I completed my transaction with the very pleasant front desk person so he could pee on a tree.  Peeing on trees is for Gilbert right up there with sniffing bums, crotches and fetching tennis balls.  I loaded the Ford truck.

We had a long walk around the Harrison Lake beach. I took pictures. Gilbert pooped and peed. It was misty and foggy this day with a little drizzle beginning.  I stopped in Harrison Village for a lunch of Hallibut and chips. Gilbert waited outside not a little miffed at the gross discrimination his kind faces routinely but especially at restaurants.

After lunch we walked back to the truck.  I enjoyed having a heater. I headed out of Harrison Village back towards Chilliwack.  Crossing the river I thought of fishing.   An Indian woman was hitchhiking in the rain in Rosedale so I offered her a lift saying I was headed to the Bookman bookstore.  Gilbert at first barked at the dangerous intruder then spent the rest of the trip having his ears rubbed.  She was going to the coffeeshop to meet her son. I dropped her off in town.

At the Bookman I loaded up remembering I'd not finished reading the loot from my last stop here with Laura.  That didn't stop me from stocking up with more to read. I'd been in House of James in Abbotsford the day before and loaded up with CD's.  I got another Christian 'thriller' here to add to the two others I'd found at House of James. I also got some nautical fiction, science fiction, a detective novel and a western. I saw some Khalla and Patrick Taylor in the second hand favourite stand which obviously suggested someone was reading these local greats.

With a bag full of books I returned to the truck where Gilbert was glad to be on the road again.  I called Victor to get his address and stopped for our visit. He served coffee.  Gilbert was happy to visit with his female dog friend in their back yard while Victor and I talked about materialism and spirituality.  He's been told by his doctor to rest and was planning on lying on the couch watching the Superbowl according to doctor's orders.  He'd hurt his ankle. I don't think he did this on purpose either. He's not that much of a football fan.

I left with Gilbert who was thoroughly played out having a girlfriend three times his size.  He slept on the truck seat beside me while I drove onto Yarrow.

Having been sorely tempted by a Stealth Toy Hauler at the Abbotsford Earlybird RV show the day before I thought I should have a look at my RV.  Well, this was good. I'd forgotten how much I liked it and seeing the new Stealth with it's capacity to carry my motorcycle not fully appreciated how much I liked my own RV despite it's not being able to carry my motorcycle.   I wasn't keen on taking on debt either so was glad for the decision. It was raining so I decided against cleaning it up and packing what I didn't need from last season to the storage locker.  Just nice to visit.

I stopped at the Barn for produce getting fresh local honey, some sausages and perogies as well.  I love these local country markets.  Then it was back on the freeway with the windshield wipers going.  I'd been listening to Tapestry on CBC radio and thoroughly enjoying it.  A journalist who'd become a minister was being interviewed.   Great program.

Back at the boat it was a struggle to get everything down the dock in one go. I've forever trying to avoid two trips.  Good to be back on the boat.  I got the diesel stove going and before long it was cozy in here. I've actually put the laundry away and done the dishes.  Gilbert is still drying and can't understand why I won't let him lie on my chest.

It's been a great day just driving back home from Harrison's.  I've done this trip often.  Often I'll go up to pray in the Abbey.  Next month I'll probably be doing it on motorcycle and the ride up there on the Harley is pretty fine.  I'd thought to visit my friend in Fort Langley but with the rain I was happy to just head on home.

This was a restful day, with minor accomplishments, creature comfort, a visit, and time with Gilbert. Now I'll read and watch Netflix.

I'm thankful for this day, for health, for lack of war, for the very ordinariness of it.

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