Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunny Vancouver Day, Feb. 2013

Gilbert let me sleep in a bit this morning, waking me eventually with his 'wet alarm' clock approach. When that doesn't work he lies on top of me. I got up. He likes me taking him for a walk first thing, our week day schedule but after meditation and prayer time I had to attend to patient phone calls and office work. He was ready to go when I finally dressed and let him out on the dock to pee forever on the barnacled post that keeps the dock from floating off.

The sun was out and the sky was a beautiful blue. Up on the mountains the snow was fluffy white and I remember the pleasure of skiing Grouse and Whistler days like this.

I dragged my laundry bag down the dock while he ran enthusiastically ahead. His 4 wheel drive bouncing happy approach to the day always brings a smile to my face. In the Miata MX5 there was no room for laundry in the trunk so he had to share his front passenger seat with the bag.

Gilbert loved his off leash dog park walk. He's a real social butterfly and had a whole lot of butt sniffing good time with all the other dogs out on Saturday. Lots of ducks and geese in the water with crows in the trees.

After I dropped off the laundry at the "Cleaning Boutique" Dundas and Powell. A bright young accountant and his lovely wife manage this great drop off laundry. It's been a godsend to my busy schedule the last few years.

Honda Marine at First and Boundary is a great store for service and equipment. I bought a 50 hp honda four stroke outboard there early last year but have never been able to find a small boat that could take the power. At the boat show I finally gave up and got a 12 foot inflatable that has a 30 hp max. Honda Marine kindly agreed to exchange the motor they'd kept in their warehouse most of the year for the 30 hp. Today I found out they have already sold the 50 to someone else and have my 30 on order ready for when my new tender arrives next month. I'll have credit and found myself looking at the new 250 Honda enduro. I've missed the 230 I so enjoyed hunting with .

Gilbert and I have been driving around with the top down on the Miata and really enjoying the sunny weather.

Across Boundary at Trev Deely Harley Davidson I looked in on my Electraglide. I've been storing it there this last year but am looking forward to getting it out on the open highway next month. Gilbert and I are due for the Harrison Hot Spring weekend Harley getaway. Number 7 highway is a great opening season drive. I'm hoping to go cruising some this summer so figure I'd better get back in shape. Gilbert has his own box for the seat behind me but I've also ordered a carrier so he can sit in front of me on the gas tank. I'd like to have his eyes sheltered by the windscreen and him where I can see him.

The new 2013 motorcycles at Trev Deely were something to behold. What amazing wonders of engineering. Lots of guys and some girls in leather were already there having coffee by the Buell bikes. There were a few harleys in the lot that folk had ridden in on. I discussed my cruising plans and got some good tips from the staff. Had a nice chat with the service folk about picking up my bike from storage. I have to admit it's all a bit like 'foreplay'. Talking bikes, being around bikes, having the memories of rides come back.

Gilbert even got to meet a woman who was there looking for a pet carrier for her little dog. Gilbert, the experienced biker dog, enjoyed telling his biking adventures to the little guy new to the open road. I shared my experience with carriers. Her husband is keen on having the dog ride with him where as she's not so confident taking the dog on her bike. I reassured them. Gilbert is mostly just glad to go whereever I go.

Sitting outside typing at Waves Coffeeshop it sure feels like we're getting over winter. Planning spring and summer activities. I'm loving it.

Swimming was such a pleasure, though I admit I love the hot tub and sauna best. Seeing friends was great. Going on the little ferry to Granville Island to stop by Rowand's to check on the servicing of my HUB and having a coffee was great too. Gilbert especially liked the off leash beach time.

Now we're going by the grocery store to get a barbecue chicken to share. It's movie night and church tomorrow. What a great sunny day in Vancouver! Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

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