Saturday, February 23, 2013

Apple Store, Pacific Centre Mall, Vancouver

I'm at the Pacific Centre Apple Store in downtown Vancouver. They've been very helpful as usual. I had this ipad problem. Suddenly the music would come on. As I have gospel music downloaded on the pad. My favourite is Third Day. It was a rather spiritual experience at first. I wondered if there was some message involved. Then Gordon Lightfoot, Eric Burdon and the Animals and Dianna Krall started coming out of the pad at awkward times. I consider all the musical genius on my ipad truly spiritual but some of the Old Blind Dog songs are a tad risque. So I came here and was told to reset to factory settings after backing up to Icloud. So far it's pretty good. No sounds of Joni Mitchell or Selah coming on without me touching the device. Who would have thought that such a simple solution would be the answer. I'd thought of chucking the thing against the wall and guess that wouldn't have been nearly as wise as following the directions I've just done from the bright young blue shirted Apple assistant here. Go figure!

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