Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Morning

Another miracle morning.  Awakening. Gilbert whimpering at the door.  Needs to be let out.  I dress before following.  No rain.  Not like yesterday's downpours but not like the day before sunshine.  Just a dreary February morning with low hanging clouds obscuring the mountains.  The air is fresh though . Spring fresh with sea air scents and sounds of seagulls overhead.  There's spring in the air.  I saw my first crocus on Sunday.  Promises of summer and heat returning. Reading Peter Newman's Company of Adventurers there are bits of journals from the 17th and 18th century by Churchill.  42 foot walls and alcohol that freezes.  This is the horror of the north, post scurvy.  When drinking pine tea keeps one's teeth from falling out but the winter freezing 80 below temperatures are perhaps a bit better than the flies and mosquitoes of spring and summer that block the sun and filling the nose and throat.  What horrible  conditions to live in and I'm whining with a bit of chill and drizzle.  I lived in Churchill even stayed in igloos but was thankful for my modern parka and off course the mosquito repellent I smeared myself with all spring, summer and fall.  Here, the cold is English in it's chill and the rain no more deplorable than Scotland.  We're just another northern clime habitable and growing more so with global warming apparently.
It's another day.  I'm thankful for these, more with age. I take less for granted. Pleased with health and friendship.  I'm glad to work. I've devoted my life to work and sacrificed so much to study and knowledge.  I've served and been served in my living, breathing and imbibing my profession and career.  It's consumed me and been all consuming.  The times changing and knowledge suspect, work abhorred, learning denigrated. Politics is all.  We huddle in groups of insiders and outsiders. It's high school all over again.  But we are the teachers. The principal and vice principals are somewhere in our midst but even they know that that Death is above all.  I'm am seeking God while there is time.  A life spent healing bodies and minds I prepare to meet my maker.  This third of life a legal mire of last minute shenanigans with the real wonder of what lies beyond.  This can't be all despite the propagandists. I wake each morning and it's the most powerful metaphor for life after death ever to be given. But those that deny and lie and lie and lie won't even accept their daily resurrection. Mine's a blessing though I wonder when the rapture will come. I'm such a heathen and my work undone.  So long I've thought that this life of being a healer and forgiver was a product of a last life's karma where I 'm convinced I must have slaughtered many to necessitate the patience and fortitude I've demonstrated this time round.  Orubunga.  My ass bit by myself and I'm so quick to say I'm not the biter. Such a silly world we living in.  DNA shows our differences as minuscule but everyone celebrates the smallest variation of uniforms like adolescent girls.
I'm the fool and the king of my own existence. I'm the alpha and omega, Jesus says in Revelation. I am all says God.  I'm reading A Secular Age by  Charles Taylor and the history of the Picts.  It's the new Pax Americana and I'm fascinated by the parallel concerns of empires and how those who are beurocrats and others in the grand scheme lack any vision of the whole thinking their details upper most.  I'm  at least away of what is above my pay grade and know I'm the gnat on the elephants ass scream left , right, left and then taking credit for a turn in the path.  We spend such time bowing to other gnats. Significantly significant insignificantly significant.  Free will in the determinism of fate.  My thoughts a voice over on this cartoon of life. The real world that other place of dreams where I gather in groups with ancients, young and old and meditate.  There are picnics there and flying.  I had a boat there last night. Unusual craft, rested hidden beneath the surface only to come above when I put on full throttle, then sank beneath the surface when I stopped.  I believed my computer was water proof yet when I went to work in the morning the office computer mother board suddenly died. The ins and outs having strange Carl Jungian synchronicities.
But I must live in 'group think', the shallowest of Kardashian reality tv pleasure seeking pain avoiding status revelling money grubbing hollywood sensationalism. If I step outside this world even a tad there is a scream and I'm surrounded by the aliens of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. So many of us identify with zombie movies. Those are the road rage incurring fools we meet daily on the road without the rocket launchers of Falling Down.  Vampire wars with Buffy as protagonist are celebration of light and dark encounters.  The 'Lightness of Being,' the great Chzeck novel comes to mind as with ever greater lightness we leave the gravity and seriousness of pompous pretensions.
I'm am drinking coffee and boiling eggs.  Todays sustenance for the morning.  It's a wonder of the modern world that I have produce from half the globe away and fresh farm fare when I want it.  I 've heat in the form of propane and diesel and light from electricity, clothing from a variety of sources and will walk to a car that joins a veritable hoard going into the city where more and more create and play.  Industries devoted Xboxs and entertainment.  There is so much leisure for so many. Though I work 60 sometimes 80 hours a week the average work week is 30. On the books its 40 but I'm talking billable hours and those in major corporations and government have extraordinary benefits and pensions that kings could not afford a hundred years past.
Last year I studied in Mexico, Athens and Florida and visited Ottawa for family.  Thousands of miles on jet planes alone travelling with my little cockapoo, Gilbert on a West Jet.  Other than that I was sailing in the straits, driving into Northern BC and back and forth to Seattle.  99% of people, as Buckminster Fuller was fond of saying, travelled no more than a hundred miles from their birthplace at the turn of the 20th century. Jared Diamond in his latest book about Traditionl Societies describes the tribal folk as killing all strangers and avoiding change because of superstition and safety.  Today I am meeting strangers daily and haven't killed a one while I've friends I've known since childhood and regret I have so little time from work to enjoy their company.
it's a truly amazing world we live in. My little dog greets the day with enthusiasm.  We've walked.  I've meditated and he's napped again.  Now there are eggs and a shower and fresh clothes and the invariably rush to get to work.  Thank you Jesus for this day.  May the God of all saints be celebrated in all today. May I remember always that I'm creation and co creator but not the centre of the universe or the end.  I am beginning. I am process.  Jesus is alpha and omega.  Today I'll be a good Tuesday hopefully.  Praise and thanksgiving. Help me be more forgiving and loving and wise and serve you and all I meet with greater tenderness and respect.  Thank you for this day.  

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