Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vancouver Boat Show 2013

The Vancouver Boat Show has for years been one of my all time favourite events.  This year was no different.  I love the opportunity to look inside the bigger boats and see the layouts.  I love too all the paraphernalia that boaters enjoy.  Having been boating for decades I've just about got everything I could hope for on my sailboat except perhaps a helicopter.  What I did find again this year was Kits Inflatable advances in tenders.  Every type of boat, sailboats, motor boats, launches, tugboats, kayaks were there though.  At Granville Island there was a further display of big boats at the dock. I walked by there.  There's no better place to see big boat interiors and compare.  This year I was more interested in the small boats.  I loved the McGregor as always, the best light coastal sailboat motorboat ever made.  I did go into that and think that if I didn't have my own bigger sailboat this would be the most fun for weekends. Some of the tug boat variations were impressive as well.  It really is a place to dream.  A place of deals to. Over the years I've had amazing savings on offshore sailing gear, radars, and radios.  I confess I like the people at  the boat show.  We all like the water. I happen to think water people are special.Boatshow

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