Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bungalows Paraiso, Melaque, Mexico

My Canadian friend, Marion is the patrona of Bungalows Paraiso in Mexico. Fluent in English and Spanish, Marion is a genius in life as well as academia. She is a psychologist, not the sort that work with white rats in maizes but rather half betazoid like Startrek ship's counsellor, Diana Troy. Lover of intelligence, especially in bad boys and musicians, at last count she had given birth to 7 male lumberjacks and rodeo riders and 3 female goddesses in the far reaches of Canada. There she rode polar bears and dog sledded. As a youth she let her golden hair be used in Saskatchewan to create the golden grain fields that feed the world. Now, always a lover of adventures, she swims with dolphins then siestas on the Melaque beaches, no doubt digesting an excellent meal she just cooked herself with exquisite skill and love. I have been honoured to share her table and have hence been called 'gordo'. She is the friend of all, especially children, old people and dogs. Where she is, there is safety, family, great music, fine food, story telling and laughter. Congratulations, Marion,  on your success in your loved Mexico.

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