Sunday, February 17, 2013

St. James Anglican Church

Gilbert and I love to go to church when we're in town on the weekend. The people are so friendly.  I love being greeted by Alice at the door. She's such a lovely lady and Gilbert likes her too.

St. James is Anglo Catholic.  People come from around the province to attend this very old service with a truly amazing choir.  There's a whole lot of ritual and vestment.  Peter was saying that it was once just very high Anglican but today it's also got a very homey parish church feel.  That's mostly after church over coffee where the regulars meet and greet.  Bear and Dodo, Gilbert's friends often make a visit there too.

Today was the first Sunday of Lent.  Father Greenaway-Robbins sermon was truly thought inspiring. Having lived in Israel he told of us his hike up the hill where the Temptation of Jesus occurred. Then he proceeded to list the temptations that the Devil offered Jesus. With each of these he reframed them in modern terms.  That certainly brought the message home.  I learned a lot today.  As always I enjoyed the prayers, the Peace, and the eucharist.  Leaving the church lighter hearted,  I was ready for a new week. St James

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