Saturday, February 2, 2013

Earlybird RV Show & Sale, Tradex, Abbotsford, BC Feb 3, 2013

I'm a creature of habit. There's the daily routines and the annual routines. I missed Robbie Burns Dinner and the Motorcycle show being in Mexico this year, but was glad to catch the RV show. This is a place of dreams. Every type of trailer was represented from the ultra light weight pull behind a car $10,000 items to the $500,000 luxury buses that would just force you to become a rock star and go on tour. The place was packed. I bought my Rockwood I love here a couple of years ago but saw a couple I'd really consider trading that in for. Now I'm looking at brochures. I did learn about a 'hitch' add on that would make coming down the Coquahala in wind less exciting. Talking motorhomes I've also learned a technique for braking better. Amazing what one can pick up. I was tempt to get more Watkins spices but I'm stocked up. I loved the satellite dishes too. Some real advances in toy haulers with extra 40 gallon gas fuel tanks for filling up the atv's and motorcycles. Pretty nifty. There's always savings at these shows. Usually in the range of $5000 of the best price at least. That's why we're all here. To see what's available. All the newer floor plans were well conceived. Then there were the motorhomes outside as well. Just a whole lot to choose from. Something for everybody's needs. Finishes tomorrow. I have to think about it but I might well go back to look some more. IMG 2537 IMG 2539 IMG 2541 IMG 2536

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