Saturday, February 2, 2013

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia,

I love Harrison Hot Springs. I've been coming here several times a year for decades. I most enjoyed when I brought my parents here back in the 90's. It's such a lovely setting. Harrison Lake is so beautiful this time of the year.
I was at the Abbotsford RV show so decided to continue on with Gilbert to Harrison's. I'm staying at the Executive which is now the Ramada. It's just the same though different management. Rockamole's restaurant next door provided a great roast beef dinner Gilbert enjoyed as well.  I often stay here but also love the Harrison Resort and Spa only they charge an extortionist fee for having a dog. The Bungalos are another favourite place though often booked.
I've taken my body over to the sulfur pool and soaked for nearly an hour. I feel wonderful all over and know I'll sleep well tonight.
I also brought my camera and walked Gilbert for more than an hour earlier.  First we did the beach walk then the walk along Miami River. I've got this great picture of a duck which I'm sure I've taken here before but I don't know it's name. I wish my brother was here. I can't find it in the bird book. There were two of them too. Can some one please tell me it's name? It almost looks like a domestic dutch duck that flew the coup.
I loved the great heron in the tree. Harrison Lake and the Village are terrific too. I love birding.  I love wandering about with a camera too. It's a Hay Family Tradition. My dad was a photographer and amateur movie maker. My brother is a pro photographer and  now my nephew is into movie making  big time.
I just love it. Mostly I just carry along a nikon digital semi instant camera but I've also got this Nikon SLR digital which really makes me look like a photog.  I especially love my telephoto lens. The troubles is the celebrity birds recognise me as a bird paparazzi.   Gilbert just love the outdoors here.  He loves the walks and all the scents and especially meeting the other dogs. Right now he's exhausted sleeping at my feet. DSC 0059 DSC 0060 DSC 0062 DSC 0066 DSC 0069 DSC 0070 DSC 0079 DSC 0084 DSC 0089 DSC 0090 DSC 0098 DSC 0100 DSC 0104 DSC 0108 DSC 0114 DSC 0120

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haykind said...

My older brother, Ron, came to my rescue. The splotchy white duck is a wild domestic, a "muscovy duck".