Saturday, February 23, 2013

Granville Island Sunny Day

What a grand sunny day in Vancouver. Everyone is out walking and smiling. You'd almost think these Vancouverites are prairie people. Something about the sun heals the beleagered souls. Spirits dampened by the rain are lifted up by the day's spring sunshine.

I parked at the swimming pool and took a little False Creek Ferry across the Creek with Gilbert. He's loving all the other humans out walking their dogs. He really enjoyed playing on the beach in the off leash section. Now we're having coffee and just enjoying the sunshine. Seagulls are everywhere. I love the sound of their cries. It's like the smell of sea air too. I've been enjoying Granville Island for a quarter century and more.

For years I had my boat at 4 different marinas in the Creek. I'd take my dinghy here and the fabulous market was my grocery store. It's the first place I like to bring visitors to Vancouver. The restaurants, cafes and shops are all superb. I've probably shopped at all of them at one time or other. It's not surprising that Emily Carr Art School is here. There's that much refinement and taste in the environs.

I took my sailing courses at Coopers Sailing School. I'd bought this 40 foot boat and didn't know how to sail so I'm forever thankful to Coopers for giving me the foundation that resulted in my sailing to Alaska and Mexico and then solo to Hawaii.

Rowand's Scuba School and Dive Store are here as well. I'd taken my Open Water PADI diving in Cancun Mexico but enjoyed learning cold water diving and Rescue Diving at Rowands.

The boat lift is here and I've several times had my boat on the hard doing bottom painting and repairs with the whole of the Island my backyard during those times. It's become more touristy over the years but there's still vestiges of the earlier more rugged days.

The Lobster store is still here and many is the time I've got crabs or shellfish here for a special occasion. Now I'm old enough to consider cholesterol but if the occasion arises I know where the finest lobster and crab is to be had. I much prefer catching my own crab but that's not always convenient.

I had salmon from the Commercial Drive fish store last night and enjoyed it though I've caught countless salmon myself and enjoyed them best barbecuing them on my sailboat.

This is a very nautical place. That's probably why I love it. There's elegance and fine art, nautical wear, fine foods, and tourist shops all surrounded by water with beautiful boats and yachts to admire. I love Granville Island. What a priviledge and a wonder to live in Vancouver and have this little world of unique enjoyment to participate in.
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