Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 - 350 -23 W. Pender

Moving day. Rain and chaos. 2 Small men with Big Hearts came through with Mark supervising the Big Mac Semi which showed up instead of the 1 ton truck. My desk was lost for hours inside it. A panicked call from Tracy informed me that there was no door between the office and reception. However by the time I arrived on the scene the building manager, Arnold, wearing a conical hat and black robe, had manifested one out of thin air. With no room for supplies I headed off to Bamboo Village for great buy in on sale antique (old) Chinese furniture. In the rain with a trollie lent us by the delightful owners Mark and I rolled the pieces back to the office. As we were sending smoke signals out the window wondering how we'd interface them with internet, Telus arrived to tear up the ceiling and re-establish a nervous system. That's in progress now. Mark and Tracy are back from Chinese food. Laura has arrived so I'm off to a Tinseltown movie. In the morning it's back to work as usual!

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