Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

I love Tinseltown. I love Wild Ginger, the Korean-Chinese restaurant there. "We've only got 3/4 of an hour before the movie." And a meal fit for royalty arrived in 10 minutes.
Escape to Witch Mountain only beat out Che when we found Che was 5 hours long. Liam Neeson's Taken was a close third but we'd seen the preview of Aexander Keys book, Escape to Witch Mountain. Awesome. Walt Disney. Andy Fickman directing, Matt Lopez and Mark Bomback screenwriters. Dwayne Johnson plays a taxi driver who turns out to be a near nascar rescuing aliens from the feds. For conservative Disney to play the Feds as the bad guys only goes to show how little appreciated the military paranoia is regarding UFO's. This is ET for teen agers and adults though we were the oldest there. Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig play Sara and Seth very real alien teen agers on the run from their world's military conspiracy. Carla Gugino as Dr. Alex Friedman adds science and sexy to the high speed drama. Ciaran Hinds plays a great villain fed. Gary Marshall is perfect as the senior Ufologist. The deadly body armoured off world alien assassin explodes into the Trekky offbeat world of the Los Vegas Extra Terrestrial conference. When Sara telepathically links with the dog we finally find out what dogs want. A terrifc uplifting intelligent movie with terrific suspense, humor and action.
I love that I can now leave my office without rush and catch a great dinner and a movie across the street at the theatre with the most comfortable seating. Thank you!

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