Monday, April 27, 2009


Mike Meyers as the Love Guru Pitka and later hockey fan is a riot in this movie he co wrote with Graham Gordy. It's a dictionary of humor with every form represented from slapstick (not surprising given the hockey scenes) to sophisticated double entendre. Groucho Marx would be as impressed as Woody Allen. Deeprak Chopra clearly was as Bollywood scores at the Stanley Cup. Jessica Alba , Jessica Simpson, Meagan Good give new meaning to "love". Verne Troyer as the midget coach was a movie unto himself with his hilarious office and burning midget goal. Elephants on ice was another great spectacle in this team come back love story with Kanye West playing himself. I loved this great Canadian world movie and would recommend it to anyone , especially Oprah. Makes one want to know more about Harper and Ignatieff's relationships with their mothers , though. What would Guru Tugginmypudha (Ben Kingsley) recommend for them? !

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