Friday, April 17, 2009


Based on the 1947 Tennesse Williams play, this powerful orginal contemporay
ballet choregraphed for BC Ballet by John Alleyne was sizzling hot. It opened with a postered bed half the size of the stage and at times the bed became the stage in this spectacular full bodied production. Donald Sales reminded me at moments of Baryshnikov. There was such force in his performance as Stanley. Simone Orlando portraying Blanche danced with true emotional breadth. Marianne Bauer-Brobbelaar as Stella, Stanley's wife, was so fresh and alive she seemed to epitomize this west coast dance troupe. Makaila Wallace as young Blanche was as loveable and gifted as she always is. The dancing of Chengxin Wei and Jones Henry was outstanding. But the ensemble together was what makes this ballet company one of the truly greats. They are a vibrant ,pulsing, breathing entity of their own. The choreography to the sultry southern jazz music of Tobin Stokes had everything, filling the stage with movement and passion. When it was all over the audience could not stop clapping as the dancers took well deserved bow after bow after bow.

It was a grand night. We'd arrived on the Harley, me in leathers and Laura in an fetching little black number. We were truly impressed by the elegance and youth of the audience whose robust sense of fashion stole the intermission. It was the finest gala affair I'd attended yet in Vancouver. A little girl hardly more than a toddler danced ecstactically, a touching tribute to Simone and Makaila. And who would have guessed I'd begun doing walk on parts for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet some 40 years ago.

Leaving we encountered the screams and horns of the Canucks crowd triumphant after another win. Well done Canucks.

Truly a night of Inspiration and Victory for Vancouver!

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