Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thank God for Saturday, Too.

Well, it was a good day. Thank God. I woke up without bombs falling on me, no fatal disease eating my face and my bowels still functioning. It's good to be thankful for small mercies. I wasn't being anally probed by blue aliens or caught up in the rapture so I made my own coffee. There weren't bars on the window. The cat had vomitted in the doorway to the bathroom so I stepped in that. Thank god for paper towel. I have running water and hot and cold. I have in door plumbing. I imagine God didn't trust me with honey pots so I'm fortunate to flush it all away rather than be faced daily with questions regarding who might benefit from delivery. I don't get to throw anything off the balcony. The landlord has signs in the hall. It made me wonder what's been going over the sides and then had me wondering what or who I'd toss. The cat came to mind but only for an instant.

When I suggested to Laura we take the Harley out she was keen. I was thankful I had a female friend who was keen on getting on a motorcycle. Alot of us are or have at times been with women who'd rather we just went away and would roll their eyes if we mentioned Harley in their hearing.

Laura and I drove across town over the Lion's Gate Bridge and I called back , "how do you feel about fish and chips at Troll's in Horseshoe Bay." "That would be great," she called back against the wind as we headed up Taylor. It was exhilerating doing 120 km on the free way wondering what that odd noise was and hoping it wasn't anything significant. I was thankful when it went away. I caught myself thinking about other things and was glad that I got my mind back on the turn in less than a second. It's frightening to realize you're thinking about work at 120 km hour. It made me appreciate what a courageous and trusting woman I had on the seat behind me. A second later I was wondering if maybe she was insane. We did arrive safely at Horshoe Bay despite the gravel trap someone had gleefully left on the grossly uneven "kill a careless biker' underpass.

Trolls was terrific as usual. Halibut and chips. What fun. Beautiful sunny day. I could be a prisoner in a maximum security prison and be innoscent and just pissed off some official somewhere. Instead I was enjoying Trolls with a lovely lady.

Back on the bike I enjoyed the incredible weaving lower road with the great views of Howe Sound doing 60 to 70 km and keeping my mind on the road because its fundamentally necessary with so many curves and cliffs. Very meditative.

We drove on to Lion's Gate Hospital. Colin is still in the ICU with respiratory precautions. Laura and I gowned and gloved. I was delighted to see Colin so much better than last time. He argued with me that Pemberton and Third North Vancouver Fish and Chips is better than Troll's. We'll definitely do the comparison. He told me about preaching at Salvation Army when he first arrived in Canada through a fluke or god shot. He was sorry he'd not been to Christ Church and made me promise that I'd tell Peter he wasn't playing hookey. He's still too weak to walk much but his mind is back in this world. His humorous sister Jennifer joined us for joke sharing. Mine can't be repeated but hers can. The Virgin Mary was in heaven looking glum all the time so someone finally asked her, "Mary why do you look so sad?" And Mary answered, "You see I always wanted a girl."

So we were off on the bike again glad that Colin was mending and getting a promise he'd let me buy him lunch in China Town when he's finally released.

The sailboat was still in place and the warmth and sunshine allowed for my opening windows and hatches to air it out some. While Laura was reading I cleaned up the wiring on the diesel stove. Then I got to work taking out the propane water heater. It's not working so I'd been told to take the Bosch to Astrovan where they'd clean it up in the shop so I don't blow myself up on the boat. Seemed a reasonable plan. Now it's all disconnected and sitting on the boat with a bow tie on it waiting for it's trip to the propane doctor.

A dusk ride across town got us back to my apartment. Laura grilled up the steaks I'd bought at Cosco and combined them with potatoes sour cream and microwave frozen vegetables. Slum Dog Millionaiare is already out on DVD and I got one of the first copies. It was worth it. And well worthy of the Oscar. Bombay brought back fond memories too, but my goodness hasn't it grown these last decades. So many sky scrapers!

What a great day. God is good. So much to be thankful for. Going to bed with a marvellously full belly. Sunshine in Vancouver. And cherry blossoms. I saw the first plum and cherry blossoms. Unbelievable. A miracle. Another spring. After last winter , who would have guessed. Not armageddon this year. We haven't been struck by a meteor. Maybe we'll get summer too. Something really worthwhile to hope for. Thank you, Jesus! Next week is Easter.

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