Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vancouver Sun Run 2009

Caroline phoned yesterday to say she was signing up for the Vancouver Sun Run 2009. It was a terrifying moment. I was on the couch. I admired Caroline and all those like her who get up early on sunday morning and run their hearts out. The demonic little lawyer in my head had to work overtime to make a case against me doing such a wholesome thing.

Thankfully I 'd an appointment with Bill at Adrenaline to finally get the islands dolphin navigational tattoo that my sailor physician friend Eric had done years before. "Sailing acrosss the pacific the islanders figure we've earned it!" Without consulting the Nizkor Project's site for Fallacious arguments I knew this had the immediate appeal of resting on one's laurels and claiming 'injury' as excuse for more couch exercise.

I excused myself from signing up. Running the sun run, running a marathon, climbing Killimanjaro, getting a seat on the private space shuttle, motorcyling to Sturgis, sailing solo around the world, white water rafting the Frazer, and skying diving have all unfortunately been put off till next year.

This morning the stress of thinking about the Sun Run has me in bed with a cold, my new tattoo stinging, my joints aching, my sinuses bursting and me cursing the 80's rock band outside my window. The cretans running by all look morally superior. I can't wait till the Sun Run is over. It's nearly killing me!

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