Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dr. Bernie's Funeral

Dr. Bernie Klassen (Feb.8th, 1937 to March 26th 2009)

It was standing room only. Eulogy upon Eulogy. His smiles and laughter and bear hugs were known far and wide. He was an inspiration to so many. 47 years on active staff at Chilliwack Hospital. Doctors, family, patients and friends filled the reception area and so many more could not be there.

I'd wanted to ride my motorcycle but Lorne said there'd been snow the night before and wanted me to wear my kilt saying Bernie would laugh to see us both there in skirts.

His son had made a DVD of his father's life with the famous dance of celebration and him playing banjo and singing "How Great Thou Art." I finally met Joanne who when she was for buying a boat Bernie quizzed me at length about materials and hulls. We all sang "How Great Thou Art" finishing fortunately before all available kleenex for miles around was consumed. Trudy, his sister's singing, was as touching. I sat with Fred who told me about bicycling to Inuvut when we were talking about Bernie and how his love for adventure had inspired us both.

Now I know when I die if I hear Bernie's irrepressible laughter I'll have truly arrived in heaven.

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