Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vancouver Spring

Spring just happened. I'm sure it was well I was sleeping. Today it's everywhere. Spread faster than gossip. Profusions of Cherry Blossoms. Daffodils, heather and other flowers appearing on cue. Bright colours startle the eye. Yellows, purples, pinks and reds. Stanley Park was alive. Lots of moms on roller blades pushing their infants in those super backwards rickshaws. Cyclists everywhere. Joggers and walkers and dogs galore. Every size from Yorkies to Bernise Mountain dogs. One Chinese girl had her long haired black cat on a red leash. Anyday now, given it's the West End, I expect to see someone walking their tropical fish, with cashmere designer aquarium jacket of couse. The swans were already nesting in Lost Lagoon. The drummers were out by English Bay. Sailboats tacked in the light breeze. A glorious day for cycling. Chai latte at the Denman and Davie Starbucks on a splendid spring afternoon.

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