Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CAA Writer's Circle

My head was spinning this week. Reading was going in one direction around the room but criticism was going in the other direction. Sechelt mother daughter conversations in library mixed with otherworldly corporate lawyers bathing in medieval castles. Egyptian shards mixed with unrequited mother's love. Meanwhile my hit man was figuring the prostitute wasn't a prostitute when he saw her gun. There was way too much laughter for starts. Criticism is supposed to be a somber affair. Who would have guessed that enlightenment sounded better as salvation. And my god but I was thankful to learn from Judith what a MacMuffin was. Every writer has to have one now. Maltese Falcons and indestructible artifacts. Polly always came when she was called but Hungry the horse really was hungry. Margaret was stupendous to host the group in her lovely home but expressed concern she might not be there the next meeting. "You'll just have to arrange for one of us to have your keys, " Leila unabashedly quipped. We all laughed outrageously at the audacity. Leila offered to host and Perry said we could always go to Starbuck's.

It really inspires me to write.
It does that.
I'm afraid to miss a meeting and not hear what's happens next.

Daphne Bramham is next weeks speaker at the CAA.
She's really good.

I love all that I'm learning at these meetings.
Adderson was so helpful with her recommendations.
My friend loves the books I buy at the author meetings.

"Counterfeit World" is out of print but I see there's used copies on e Bay.
I've still got copies of "Just Mary."

One author was asked to sign a "used" autographed copy and it turned out it was one he'd given his family.

Good meeting. Looking forward to next week. Thanks Margaret.

Coming out of the building they were whisked away into an interdimensional world while Australians talked to Egyptians about odd psychologists in Sechelt. A sniper's bullet fired in the night. Can you really get a flophouse room on skid row for a 2 hour author's meeting with money alone or do you have to show ID? Would CAA ID be sufficienct?

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