Sunday, April 19, 2009


Jim Carey is sensational as Carl a bank officer going nowhere. Attending a seminar he accepts the covenant of 'yes' responding to any request with 'yes' only to have the universe open it's resources to him. Zooey Deschanel, as Allison, is one of them. Peter, his lawyer and best friend naturally abuses the situation having Carl do his laundry and arrange his fiancee's bridal shower. It's really a whacky love story. between Carl and the original and beautiful Allison. Saying yes does get Carl into a wide variety of bizarre and quite hilarious situations including answering 'yes' to the 'expand your penis size' email. Carey has toned down personally from his crazy adorable Pet detective days. His present style is more mature with the comedy richer and more refined overall. The ducati motorcycle scene will have Jackie Chan drooling with envy. A must see for the touching love and quirky romp of the thing!

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