Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Old Electric" Office

I am excited. The move to my new office in the Old Electric Building in China Town is progressing well. Two Small Men with Big Hearts are packing and boxing furniture. Tracy and Mark are well organized. Arnold, the personable new building manager, just gave me the keys. I looked at the new office again.
I love the space. The wood paneling is so rich. I’d not noticed before but I have a view of the snow capped mountains and Carrall Street. It’s been a whirlwind of stop and start activity and struggle to get this far. So much stress and uncertainty in the last months.
The “Old Electric” is a Heritage Building. The electric trollie tracks stop outside the 23 West Pender entrance. The China Town Gate is there as well. The UBC downtown School of Architecture is on the main floor and some 30 or 40 lawyers have offices there. A number of the more respected talent scouts and agents have there auditions somewhere in the building . Elevator and coffeeshop and lounge at lunch time had a creative downtown business buzz,almost as if the old electricity still pulsed in the buiding’s heart.
Outside down town Vancouver was bustling as well A sunny spring day had everyone who could be outside. The cheery warm air held promise of coming cherry and plum blossoms. I love the prospect of exploring new environs. Such a variety of shops, parks and cafes. I am looking forward to spring rolls and wonton soup for lunch.
My favourite downtown coffee stop is Waves at Pender and Main. It’s always busy with a mix of Cantonese and English voices filling the air as people gather and chat. Wall outlets make us laptop folk feel warm and welcome.
When I came out of the building earlier my little 50cc Honda Ruckus was happily talking up to a big Honda Goldwing. They looked so cute together I almost took a photograph.

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