Saturday, March 21, 2009


Written by Mark Leyner, Jeremy Pikster, and John Cussack, War Inc. is an hillarious political satire set in Turaquistan. John Cussack plays the love lost James Bond for the private corporation Tamerlane occupying the country lead by Viceroy Ben Kingley who says "America is just our focus group". The gist of corporate war is to destroy countries to make lucrative markets for corporate products. Tanks sporting sponsor advertisements destroy the countryside while journalists are given daily sanitized virtual reality briefings. Cussack falls for the pure journalist Mellisa Tomei who joins him to save rock star, Hillary Duff. Dan Ankroyd plays the former American Vice President now a corporate CEO. Joan Cussack is gut wrenchingly funny in her role as the corporate assistant trying to keep John on course when Mellisa is kidnapped and Hillary gets cold feet. Truly Saturday Night Live meets Rambo in this unfortunately probably true rendition of world affairs, at least on the emotional level. The slap stick is in malfunctioning missile guidance systems with the black humor of a chorus line of survivors with prosthesis advertising corporate compassion. It's all there. John Cussack is way over the top and outside the box which is why this is a movie well worth seeing.

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