Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bicycling the Sea Wall

It's a gloriously sunny day, first full day of spring. The promise of summer sun after a rainy weary winter. Everyone was out on the sea wall that runs for miles through downtown Vancouver.

Today Laura and I rode our Navigator bicycles from the West End where I live to my new office at the gateway to China Town. Enroute there were dogs galore of all shapes and sizes. Roller bladers, bicyclists and joggers abounded. The tennis courts in Yaletown were full. I watched a 2 on 1, Chinese girls against the guys basketball skirmish before Plaza of Nations.

False Creek with it's marinas and sailboats was pretty in the sunlight. Such a joy to bicycle.

I took the long way round to the new office and found the shorter route back looking forward to incorporating exercise into the work schedule. Despite the new trend in male pregnancy I haven't taken kindly to being asked when I was due. The new Zero One "flex" jeans on sale from the Bay last week have only provided temporary relief.

Laura meanwhile kept telling me how she wanted to scoop up the little dogs and carry them home in her basket, they were so cute. I only had to apologise to a few yorkshire terrier owners when I returned their purse dogs from the passing blond haired cycling dog snatcher.

Other than that excitement it was an uneventful ride. Summer's coming. Hooray! Hooray!

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