Sunday, March 29, 2009

Colin Waring

It's been a complex weekend.
I've just returned from my sail boat where I fixed the diesel stove finally. I'd replaced the pump but the problem was also in the fuel line so I replaced that today. It sounds easy but the new hose was larger outer diameter than the old hose so I had to enlarge all the holes it fed through. Flame and heat finally sallied forth like magic after I did the work. That made it worth it.
I'd put the charged battery back in the Harley after leaving the light on last week. It was good to be riding a bike on a sunny day I stopped by Trev Deely just to look at their huge spring selection of new models.
Colin Waring is in Lion's Gate Hospital on the North Shore. He had a hospital acquired pneumonia after some mild congestive heart failure. His loving sister Jennifer Waring, who'd been a nurse, had flown in from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. I'd spoken with his son who'd flown in earlier this week. Colin is a greeter at Christ Church Cathedral. We've known each other a number of years. He's 75 and was born in India, tells stories of a much different childhood than my Canadian one. His much younger sister was also born in India . They joked about lions and such today. Colin rallying with a bit of the stiff upper lip. Jennifer and I were gloved in yellow gowns. Colin had helped me at the office, rescuing me when I was all alone with too many phones ringing.
Ruth took a year cake at the Dug Out so happy to have J. back with her after the events of a year ago. It was always good to see Lyle and share with Ed. Dianne was in great form as well. "God gives you lemons and you make a lemon cake, " she said as I realized I was indeed eating lemon cake.
Al told me a couple of jokes: "If love is blind, how come so much is spent on lingerie." and "If work is so good, how come people have to be paid to do it."
I just watched Screamers II on tv. A sci fi movie about a weapons systems gone very wrong. Kind of cowboys and Indians with robots and machine guns. The cat and I shared barbecued chicken from IGA.
This week I'm moving the office to China Town . I told Colin to come by when he gets out and we'll go for wonton.

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