Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unauthorized Sexuality

Unauthorized sexuality - I find it amusing to consider that today all manner of sexuality is no longer authorized. A teacher was told in class that Romeo was 'stalking' Juliet.
Asking a woman, or even a man, out on a date can be considered 'sexual harrassment' and whether it is or isn't is decided by the 'subjective sense' of the accuser. "If it feels bad, it is bad" is new subjective perversion of the 'my truth' is 'the truth' generation.
When the Canadian public voted that sex between consensual adults was a private matter the courts of Canada climbed in the vacated bedrooms. "One needs a lawyer" to ask a woman out says a wealthy friend.
"Women have always wanted everything, so they want 'sexual harrassment' and 'rough sex' and always on their terms and in Canada they've got it.
"It was the worst day of my life when I told my two sons that the greatest threat to their futures were the women in college with them," my female professor friend confessed.
"I lost respect for Gloria Steinem when I attended her lecture and she played to the 'pity party' card and claimed herself to be a powerless woman. There have always been rich and poor and she was rich the day she was born. Priviledged with beauty and brains and a serious lack of morality." My female psychiatrist friend told me.
I think this all came to mind when I read an article about gay men becoming so conservative as to accept only 'marriage' as acceptable sexually.
I then read that Obama is giving the President's medal to Gloria Steinem and frankly I thought of Roseanne Barr's comment about "Christian Rock - What's next, Christian Porn."
So hearing Gloria Steinem was getting the President's award , I thought, who's next, Jerry Springer?
I have a delightful book which compares the greatest gender gaffs of the century placing a bozo female remark beside a bozo male remark. I love the enlightenment of true equality. But Animal Farm taught us long before UN Agenda 21 that 'some animals are more equal than others'.
Today all sex must be 'authorized'. We once lived in the land of the proud and free. Maybe Troudeau knew too well that when he said the 'state has no place in the bedrooms of the citizen' that by talking about it as Prime Minister he made public and thereby 'sanctionable' and ultimately controllable and taxable 'all sex'. Troudeau would have liked UN Agenda 21 and his son's promotion of a 'stoned electorate'. The last thing politicians want is for even gay men and women to have 'straight' thinking on the day of the elections.
The sad fact that Starr had to bring to the attention of the American populace was that Clinton didn't even know that a blow job was 'sex'. Technically it might not be adultery with adultery laws so tied to family and procreation but to deny having sexual relations with a person when your cock is in their mouth is the kind of thing that only a Carl Hiiansen satirical novel would do justice to.
Russ Limbaugh, before or after or during drug treatment, said that 'feminism was a means whereby ugly women got the pick of the crop" by outlawing men approaching women leaving only the top choices to the machismo sisters ready to step up and tackle their men'.
Sexual harrassment studies, especially the elegant 'water fountain' research have show these laws as the most bigotted, racist and disgusting of all times. Countless successful men have told me that the 'going rate' for "false sexual harrassment" extortion in the workplace is $1 to $5000. "It happens when we fire them for theft in the workplace or other such matters. " "We just pay", they say, "the courts aren't about truth and certainly they're not about justice.". That may be true in the area of gender wars but certainly not in other areas of the law, thankfully. The fact is no man wins fighting a woman any more than a heavyweight boxer wins fighting a lightweight boxers. Now that women are themselves successfully competing in sports they're quickly beating the snot out of their lesser sisters. Indeed the day may dawn when Mrs. Churchill finally beat Eva Brawn. As it is according to Gloria Steinem only Winnie beat Adolf since the war against Nazism was only a war of men against men.
However, the promise of feminism, has as so many such 'revolutions' of the 'communist era' , in this case 'social communism' with the "Woman as the Nigger of the World" according to dead Lenin, not crucified, by shot by a mad man instead, promised, failed. Divorce is up. Anomie is up. Child abuse is up. All the measures of social success for society are associated with a major decline. All women leaders have taken their countries to war and even though their are women in the military, just like the Israelis, they're rarely in combat zones. Before blacks were integrated into the military generally their 'black units' proved themselves. No "female units" have similiarly 'proved themselves' despite the great success of the female hockey team against the american hockey team or the Canadian female marksmen against the world's snipers. Women as individuals have been long outstanding going back to the Mary's of the Bible and Cleopatras of Egypt and the matriarchal leaders of recent and ancient Scotland. The most powerful person in Australia is female and Canada continues to have a Queen for a monarch. Ignoring the Queeen and the First Ladies' is the great 'lie' of "domestic feminism'. International feminism by contrast has been more what 'women's liberation' was about back in the pre Gloria Steinem sensationalism. Back then it was 'meritocracy' and not 'mediocrity'. The feminist leader of the Ontario liberal party would have half the 'board room's' of Canadian businesses 'womandated' to be 'gender balanced'. When will we have a similiar demand for hair lipped and people over 6 foot tall and perhaps Jamaican ancestry or fat eskimos. This is 'tokenism' and clearly 'inferior' people whatever their background require 'tokenism' whereas the 'best pilot' should fly the space shuttle, not the 'one with the most cafe au lait spots.'
No sex is authorized today. Life is denied. Humanity is 1984. It wasn't that long ago that the church outlawed everything but 'missionary position'. Bishop Spong's treatises on this history of Catholic elder men deciding pre science on what constituted an intact hymen is nearly Monty Python except it's terribly true and resulted in countless women being burned at the stake. The irony is today the State is being encouraged to dictate to gay men what is 'authorized sexuality'.
Yesterday, a friend told me how he'd been beaten near to death by hockey sticks weilding homophobes. Only in Canada.

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