Thursday, August 1, 2013

Colorado Motorcycling

I left Walden in the morning. I was impressed that the other motorcyclists staying in the motel were up and on the road at 6:30 am. I got away at 7:30 am, an early start.
I saw bison and deer and antelope alongside the road.  Beautiful morning, Great ride.
Hot Sulphur Spa was a luxurious stop. I met a woman from Saskatchewan who'd stayed the night there having ridden in on her motorcycle the night before. I enjoyed the hour and a half I took off there relaxing in the hot springs with the incredible views of the mountains and river.
Then it was on to Keystone Lodge and Spa where the conference was .I was duly impressed by the extraordinarily long Eisenhower tunnel.  Going up and down the mountain pass with the tight switchbacks and steep inclines was and experience too.
I had a great eggs benny at Sharky's Grill.
Then I was so fortunate as to encounter a herd of mountain goats by the side of the road.
Keystone in where the addiction medicine conference is so I was thankful to reach my first destination.  I've been doing about 3-400 miles a day.  2300 km about from Vancouver.

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reminds me of manning park

lots of motorcycle caution
roadside prevention situations