Saturday, August 10, 2013

Priest River, Idaho

I started looking for accommodation at Thompson Falls.  There was 'no room at the Inn'.  Even the campgrounds were full or reserved.  No vacancy and it wasn't because I was long haired biker.  It was because of the annual 2 week long music festival. I learned about this finally in Sandpoint.  Thank God for "energy drinks' and Starbucks double shots.
It was 1 or 2 am and I was exhausted. I'd been going at 80 km fearful of the deer jumping out. I'd seen several in the ditches beside the road.  The road work was an additional obstacles.  Signs 'watch out for falling rocks' or 'loose gravel'.  Not at all comforting to a biker at night.
Added to that  lightening filled  the sky. I was headed right into a huge angry storm.  Sheets of lightening and great shafts of molten light split the night .  The storm was just about on me.  I pulled over exhausted and put my my tent on the side of the road in one of those little cul de sac pull outs.  I had the bike between me and the road as protection.  Just when the tent was up the storm hit.  Pounding rain. I was glad to be in the tent and off my bike.
All night long it sounded like the big trucks were going to drive through the tent. I'd had too many Expresso too before going to bed. Not a restful night. Safe, though.  Thank God I was safe.
When light came on in the morning I poked my head out and saw a touch of pink sky to the east.  Within 15 minutes I was loaded up and on the road again, my big Harley Classic revving up in the dawn along with all the other sounds of new day.
10 minutes later I was at Priest River.  There was a motel with a vacancy sign.
Before that was Infinity Cafe. It was open.  Very elegant and well cared for unique coffeeshop.  The girl was beautiful and very pleasant.  She didn't even comment on my unshaven messed hair dirty face look. Just answered my question about food.  And then I was sitting at a table studying my map drinking an Americano and eating the best little egg sausage bagel ever.
Infinity Cafe really is a wonder. It's a slice of big city country cool.  Somebody with a real sense of antiques and fashion has outfitted the place so it's so appealing and  comfortable.
I connected to wifi and let friends know where I was .
I was glad to be on the road again. Now I'm at Lone Wolf Harley in Spokane having my clutch checked because there seemed to be some slippage on the ride here from Priest River. It's another 700 km to Vancouver through the mountains so I'd rather be safe and sure than spending more time on the side of the road. Last nights camping out was sufficient roughing it experience for me for a while.  IMG 1049
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