Sunday, August 4, 2013

Keystone, Colorado to Wheatland, Wyoming, Motorcycling

The conference finished with lots of hugs. Chuck was an amazing inspirational speaker.
It was a great drive. I enjoyed immensely returning through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I70. Amazing feat of engineering.
Then I turned off at the sign for Buffalo Bill's grave.  I was raised on Buffalo Bill Cody. He was a cowboy kids hero.  He lived to 1921 but his life as a young man has been shown in movies, extraordinary life of the wild west.
The Humminbirds were playing and singing. I listened to them enjoying this group immensely, sad they didn't have a cd I could have taken and listened to on the road.
There were a half dozen hangliders floating about Look out Mountain.  I enjoyed looking up at them and remembering my dad did this in his 80's.
Driving down the highway I saw the Avalanche Harley Davidson dealership. Naturally I stopped and because I needed a tank top with the heat bought a Denver HD tank top tshirt.  I did get a picture of the beautiful gold doored tower. Lots of sports complexes.
I drove about downtown Denver but didn't see anything I wanted to stop for. The street has been turned into a mall. Consequently I'd have had to park my Harley and walk about downtown to see it. Decided against that then got lost trying to find 25 north.  I was using the gps on my iPhone and got headed in the opposite direction.
After a half an hour driving in the wrong direction I figured I was going wrong and got turned around.
At Cheyenne I took pictures of the government building with a gold tower.  Pretty country town.
The drive north was really exciting for wind and rain. I succeeded in threading the needle, running high speed between two storms pouring rain on either side of the road. It was great getting past them.
Because of the winds gusts to 40 mph I decided to turn in early. I'd just passed a herd of antelope beside the road.  Now I've had pizza and chocolate and downloaded my film of the Eisenhower

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